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Solomon's Charging Box

Solomon's Charging Box

SKU: 32421031


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This piece is called Solomon's Charging Box.  It is not called Solomon's Charging Box because it belonged to King Solomon.  Rather, it was built in accordance to specifications that were given to King Solomon by God.  As I'm sure most of you already know, God has his own arsenal of magical powers and abilities.  What he wanted to give Solomon was a way to be able to acquire abilities whenever he wanted them.  What he ended up giving Solomon was an ancient charging box that allowed him to call upon any the white light powers that He possessed in Heaven.  

The box is made with sacred geometry.  when it's being used it opens up a portal directly between the box and Heaven.  You will tell the box what kind of energies, powers, abilities, magic, etc. that you want, and then the box will connect to Heaven and pull those powers out of Heaven, bringing them to you.  On your end, you will need to put a blank piece in the charging box.  The powers that are redirected from Heaven will then be imparted into the piece of your choice.  

You can also use this piece to call upon an angel of your choice, including the archangels.  The essence of the angel that you call upon will be put into the piece that you stick inside the box.  The key to making this work smoothly and efficiently is this.  You will first sit in front of the box.  You will pray about what powers and abilities you want God to impart upon you, but do not say Amen.  You will then open the box place your piece inside of the box.  Close the box, say Amen, and leave it undisturbed for 40 hours.   During those 40 hours, you will light a white candle and allow it to burn continuously.  If you get a candle that cannot burn for 40 hours, then you must light the new candle with the flame of the old one, but the candle must remain lit and its flame unbroken.  

This piece can also be used to re-charge and amplify pieces that you already have.  For this, you don't have to do the praying or the candle-lighting.  For these items simply toss them in, close the box, and let them be for 40 hours before taking them out and using them.
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