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Soul Collector

Soul Collector

SKU: 7262112

This piece is sterling silver

This will not be a very long description, because it doesn't necessarily need to be.  However, the powers in this piece are unbelievable.  We do not doubt in our mind that the original purpose of this piece was not for what it is now being used for.  

Originally this was a mourning/memory piece.  If you peek inside the hole you will notice there are ashes and bones of somebody who has passed.  These remnants held just enough energy for somebody to transform this piece into one that can command souls.  

We call him the soul collector because we don’t know who he was if we are being honest.  All we know is that when we received this piece there were hundreds of souls attached to it.  We have since retired those souls and released them back into the astral realms.  

When you own this piece you will be able to call forth any soul of person or entity that has ever existed. It doesn’t matter whether you want to call forth Marie Laveau for her Voodoo knowledge or if you want to conjure somebody from the Han dynasty for their ancient knowledge of the Orient.  When testing we were even able to call archangel Metatron and the god Molech.  

How does this piece work?  You pick a soul or entity. YOu summo it.  The soul or entity shows up.  You can communicate with them live if you’d like, but a small portion of the soul will be retained by this piece.  This pice cts like an oven and will bake a new, full-fledged replica of the soul.  This way, you always have access to the knowledge and magic your soul brings and you don’t need to captivate a single one.  This piece is incredible and it is super powerful.  It can hold hundreds if not thousands of souls.  Happy Conjuring!!
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