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Soul Of The Death Star

Soul Of The Death Star

SKU: 21322202

Soul of the Death Star

What do you think you would have to give up for the power to cause life or death? Most likely your soul. It happens every day, people give up their soul for something they think is worth that. Celebrities have come out and said they have done it. They get rich and famous and in the end, they suffer. Is it good to sell your soul? Never! Good thing for you, you don’t have to!

This is called the Death Star. It was given to someone a few years ago to promote death. More like a laser beam of it. This was bought at the auction and it was tested. TESTED!!! Yes it was. Details can be given to you by email. Now you might think once an item is given or created for the selling of a soul, it would only work for them. This is not the case. The item has been bought and paid for. Luckily no one else has to pay. You may ask why not use it for this or that. Everything has an answer. How you use it would be up to you. My suggestion is to make sure you use it responsibly. You may even ask how would you do that? But that is a very easy question. We all know there are people who shouldn’t exist. Moving on from the death aspect of it. Let’s move to what else you can do with it. First off this belonged to a known person. This is a size 10 ring in sterling with very dark blue stones. It’s unusual looking on, and very classy in a dark way. You can forgo the death and move on to fame and fortune if you wish. Pick the way you want to be famous and the level of it. Do you want to be known in your area or world wide? What do you want to be known for? Do you want to act, sign, write, magic, dance or just be known as a famous psychic? You decide. It’s all up to you with no soul payment needed. The price on this is low. Chances of another one at this price are never!

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