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This one is pretty incredible but I want to explain this one. This is a soulmate piece. This will bring your soulmate to you. You can’t pick them or what they look like. Believe it or not we have more than one soulmate but if you found yours, don’t get this because obviously you don’t need it. This listing will have different options to pick from. None of them will give you bad karma or hurt you in anyway but there are major differences. The first one is your 38.00 option. This is your soulmate finding you or you finding them. It’s a natural magic. Either way they come to you, or you find them. The second option is 200.00 and this option allows you to kind of pick what they look like. It will get as close to what you want as it can. This soulmate could come from anywhere, near you, in the country you live or out of it. This is done supernaturally. Again no bad karma and these are pure white light. In 90 percent of these cases they are all physical people. It’s very rare to get a spirit soulmate. What I mean is one not in a physical body. You can specifically ask for one not in a physical body and that is 400.00. The one not in a physical body can come from anywhere and again no bad karma. Each person has more than one soulmate, this is why you hear of widows finding a second true love. In the non physical body you could get a reincarnation of someone you had before who you loved. It all depends on what you’re looking for. The picture you see is of the 38.00 piece of which we have many so you might not get what you see in the picture. The other options will be custom done. If you don’t or haven’t met your soulmate yet I would go for this. Life is abundantly happy when you do!

  • Ask about the custom soulmates

    You can pick from physical or non physical. These are the 200 and 400 soulmate pieces. The one up now is the 38.00

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