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Speaker of the House of Solomon

Speaker of the House of Solomon

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This piece is an authentic, carved, stone antique.  We call it the Speaker of the House and you will find out why in just a moment.  This piece comes from a place that is hidden in the Sahara desert called Solomon's House.  It is built in an underground tunnel network that connects to the pyramids of Giza.  Honestly, I'm not that sure if there is some sort of connection between Solomon's House and the pyramids or if he just used the tunnel network because it already existed.  

Solomon's House was essentially a hideout place that Solomon would go to when he had to create powerful magic.  He did so wih the help of God who gave him the powers and the magic necessary to complete the items that he wanted to create.  He kept his items in a miniature replica of the Ark of the Covenant.  We are still working with another piece that we received from the miniature Ark.  However, this piece is so energetic that it didn't take long to determine what exactly is going on with it.  

This stone holds a fragment of King Solomon's soul.  It's just enough so that way you can use this piece to call upon him and to summon his presence.  His presence is highly magical.  He will help you create white light powers and abilities that you ask of him.  This includes the creation of white light djinn, the granting of miracles, the calling of angels, or traveling to Heaven.  He can also help you cast white light spells.  He knows the 72 Names of God and the secret magics of Heaven.  

When using this piece, you will be able to hear Solomon's voice because he will be there with you in spiritual form.  He will answer any questions you have and impart white light knowledge upon you.  Again, this is why we call this piece the speaker.   He might even reveal himself to you in full physical form if you develop that kind of connection to this piece and to the king, who will manifest his ancient knowledge for you.  Solomon will also bring you divine wealth, as that is one of the things that God blessed him with while he was on Earth.

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