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Spirits, Souls, and Sorcery

Spirits, Souls, and Sorcery

SKU: 4202142
This ring is sterling silver and abalone. 

This piece holds a magic that was extracted from a series of figurines that were found in Siberia that came from India.  It dates back to 300 BC and the people that found it are all elated and besides themselves because-- according to them-- the doll depicts somebody dancing.  They think the doll is doing some kind of religious or ceremonial dance.  I'm going to tell you right now that this is not at all what they have uncovered.  

I mean, the piece has come from India.  It is a "doll" and their arms are spread apart.  However, the figure is not dancing.  The arms are outstretched in a call to the dead.  The figurines are not meant to be pretty and they are not meant to look nice.  They are golems of power.  They are vessels that hold the presence of very powerful sorcerers that have the ability to call upon the dead.  

Another name for these is conjuring dolls.  They are rare in existence and it is even rarer that they are still imparted with the presence of spirit sorcerer.  However, the one found in Siberia ws. The scientists had no idea but one of our investigators from Russia did.  He immediately did what he had to take the presence of this sorcerer from the piece that the scientists had found, into this piece.  

This piece allows you, through the power of the sorcerer that is embedded into this piece, to call upon any spirit or any should anywhere or any time  They will be surfaced from wherever they are ad delivered personally to you. You can use this encounter however you want to.  If you are conjuring a soul for a specific reason, such as acquiring their abilities and magic.  Or, you could simply use this piece for communication.  You could also use this piece to acquire knowledge from spirits or souls that have knowledge that you desire.  '

This piece also does protection and will protect the home.  It will also grant wealth.  This is gradual wealth that rolls in like a wave.
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