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These listings under STOLEN are just that, stolen! These were on my blog and not to be sold. The blog is the one done over 8 to 10 years ago and it’s the same blog that talked about the scalping on Indian Cabin Rd. This also showed an extremely rare photo we were able to capture of a full figured spirit which at the time we were there, we never saw it. It showed up later when we looked at all the photos taken. We have multiple people on eBay stealing listings. We have known this forever, it’s nothing new. For clients buying stuff it is a big deal! When my descriptions, writing or blog posts are stolen and you buy from one of these sellers you unfortunately are getting nothing! Most don’t bother to change the names! One on right now which belongs to me says necklace through out the entire eBay description but they show a ring on their finger! They never even read what they stole from me! So you would get some ring that is nothing but empty, no power, no nothing. Because of this I’m adding them here. Enough said!

The Talisman is incredibly potent, immensely powerful, and systematically configured with the principles to summon and harness the exceptional mystical forces from the cosmos.

The Talisman holds the abilities to visualize your dreams, project them into the universe, and allow them to dwell until enough momentum is gathered to transform them into reality. This is an opportunity for anyone who wishes to adjust or work on the subtle energies of existence.

Beware, this Talisman is not for the uninitiated. This is a Paranormal Talisman of the highest order.

This Talisman carries intense energy from the 32 cosmic forces, which can be accessed only by certain arcane phrases. These phrases are already preprogrammed for you.

Upon wearing this talisman, be prepared for unusual sensations, such as vibrations around your spine fluttering randomly. You might feel an internal force desiring to tremble. You might experience an unusual arousal of your carnal impulses at unexpected times. These impulses can easily be shuttered away by just saying “ leave”.

Passed down from our ancestors, this talisman holds closely guarded arcane secrets. You can utilize it for any endeavor that you believe requires alteration, whether it's for the better or worse. Be aware that this talisman possesses the Fire elemental power of the grand underworld. The ritual that bestowed the powers on this talisman involved sitting naked on a male cadaver in a cemetery during Kritika Nakshatra on a Saturday. Four Dakini (spiritual entities) were invoked, and with their assistance, the Cyclone Ritual was executed by the Tantra master shaman.

Believe that this talisman can manifest anything that seems impossible, whether it's good, evil, or bad. You might even be able to call upon the spiritual entities to create hauntings or intrude on anyone's property.

If you find yourself in the midst of a massive crisis and are striving to escape it, then you can utilize the Cyclone Ritual Talisman immediately to dissipate the ominous powers of fate.

If you sense a threat to your life or that of your loved ones, perhaps from an enemy who could cause harm or even death, then you may use the Cyclone Ritual Talisman immediately to alter destiny.

Should you feel that your life is deteriorating without a reasonable cause, then you can harness this potent talisman at your discretion.

This talisman can be used for any immediate deeds, whether good, bad, or evil, that you wish to occur swiftly in your life or anyone else's.

Personally, I used this talisman to teach my former partner a lesson. She deceived and betrayed me, and after 7 long years, abandoned me. I used this Cyclone Talisman against her. When she left, she hid from me for a whole year. I was at a loss when, just after 6 months of her disappearance, I decided to use this talisman. I never considered my action illegal or malignant, as this woman had betrayed me and wasted seven precious years of my life. Seeking divine blessings from my master, I used the talisman. I visualized her life turning into a waking nightmare and her existence evaporating from this earth. As it turned out, when I found her, she was in a hospital with a fatal disease that I cannot disclose here, and she eventually succumbed to it. So, your wish, your desire, anything that you want will change with this talisman

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    We have 3 various pieces in this talisman. They all do the same thing. They were all empowered the same day, way, way back then! Enjoy if it’s what you’re into,

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