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Strange & Old Magic

Strange & Old Magic

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The family of Erasmus Jacobs were poorly rewarded for the land where the diamond was found. As anyone might have expected, Erasmus, having found the transparent and glittering stone, hid away some of his mothers' possessions.

When the government threatened the family and the foreigners with money and guns scared the family, they had to let go of so many things. The settlement they had was barely enough for anything. To protect his discovery of public and future interest, Erasmus went to a herbalist in Xhosa for some charm. Being one of the most diabolical tribes in Africa, the Xhosa witches and people are unique. Every family is believed to have a person with a special ability such as witchcraft or wizardry. No, not what you are thinking where a witch is hungry to suck the blood out of innocent children. The witches and wizards of Xhosa are exceptions to using their powers to offer protection for family members, find solutions to family or communal issues, and hunt down evil persons. But those known as 'herbalists' are specifically working with charms to invoke the supernatural powers.

Erasmus found one, named Khwezi, who made concoctions for him. Casting a protective spell on Erasmus' precious stones. Erasmus went away and used the spells he had learned from the herbalist to secure his goods. It was then that his family moved away from the spotlight of being sought after for diamonds. However, they remained wealthy. Erasmus' great-grandchild, Dumisa Erasmus (III) Jacobs, having inherited great wealth, used his family wealth to make a golden ring from the South African earth. He also carved some of the diamonds into some pearly, flowery elements and fused them for a ring. Having survived many centuries, there has never been a record of loss on the diamond or for anyone in their possession. They still retain Khwezi's power to protect and keep a person's life quiet. Here is the original ring with all elements from the South African grace, which was obtained at an auction in Cape Town.

When we obtain things from other countries how they are explained to us is different. The explanations go along with their culture. For example this ring gets explained as magical for the family. Never do they go into just what the ring does. You have to ask for specifics and so we do. Each Diamond does something different. This antique ring looks a little like a flower in bloom. It is a never ending blooming magic. The Xhosa witches are much different than in the United States or parts of Europe. These witches study all types of magic and become masters in all. They believe all magic stems from one source but must be studied because of the watering down. You find Saints and mystics, wizards and warlocks. They study ancient stones and structures as well as all magic in all religions. All of these types of witches are very old. If they live past 60 it is then when they begin to create magic. These witches are really living oracles of magic. With this ring inside each diamond is a supernatural power. This one has a most unusual history to it. The witch made the ring and as payment asked to have it passed back to her when the family got all they wished. She also asked that one diamond do one thing she wanted. The family said yes and that was everlasting life by any form she wished it to take. That is her diamond but of course whatever the family wanted they would have made as they asked. All the ring can be used by anyone who owns it. In the United States we may not have use for some of the magic it want it, but here is the list.

The root race. These are also known as the Polarians. They lived in a sacred continent. Their bodies made of fire and mist. They were long before the Lemurians and the Atlantians. These beings knew and understood supernatural magic long before human bodies. All magic was by thought and creativity. It just isn’t thought though, it comes from the Heavens. It comes from all universe’s and dimensions.

Everlasting life I already listed.

Wealth in all shapes and sizes along with all situations. That was the main families request.

Odic Shield. This is pretty important and of use to all people. This gives you a full blown protection from negative energy, evil spirits and curses. This also shields you in many magical ways. Concealment of your spirit and physical body is also one of the things the Odic shield does. There’s a lot more you can do with that power. I would just do some research on this.

Fourfold breath or the Breath of All. This is a first for us! It was pretty exciting and I tested this first. This is the ability to become like anyone you wish. This gives you the abilities one at a time of whomever you want. This is usually used for magical purposes but can be used in any way. Saints, celebrities, magicians, you decide.

Fohat. This is basically cosmic energy that can form anything. This is a complex magic because it works with the life force of you. Your life force can be charged. Made to live longer, create physical ability or mental ability. Now I say it’s complex because it also uses the cosmic energy to manifest physical things.

The 7 Holy Orders and the deepest Vatican secrets. If you know about the 7 Holy orders you also know that they very closely mirror the orders of magical lodges. Any lodges, Masonic or others. There are a ton of magical lodges so look them up and you will see what I mean. You have the stations of the cross and the initiations of these secret groups. They definitely mirror each other. The magic may be different but it seems that getting there is the same, almost! So think about that. You have groups mixing Christianity with secret societies and underground magic groups. There is definitely a common ground somewhere. I’m not saying the magic is the same, it isn’t. This is just seriously powerful stuff!

Constant Flow. This is a constant changing magic. You decide what it is. Psychic ability, initiation, ritual or sex magic. Whatever the need, you pick.

This ring is real gold and all the diamonds are real. This is worth a lot of money. I have looked at similar rings with smaller diamonds and the prices are at least 3,000. This is a steal. I can’t remember if it’s 14k or 18k but I will look.

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