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Synthia's Story (From the Radio Show)

Synthia's Story (From the Radio Show)

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This is the piece that Deedee was talking about on the RadioShow.  It is made with the most dazzling flat cut garnets you've ever seen in your life.  We aren't sure if it is really gold, but it does contain real human hair.  This is a lock of hair from the Antichrist after he was born from Synthia's body.  Deedee was unlucky enough to have to witness that whole epic coming to pass, but at the same time, she was lucky in that she was able to be connected to the Antichrist in a way where she pretty much knows his moves.  That's why she has visions of him.  That's why he showed up after she was done using the Chronovisor.  See, all of this stuff is intertwined and interrelated.

Anyway, you might be asking yourself, "What in the world would I need this piece for? It's evil."  That's not the case at all!  This piece is far from evil.  In fact, when you own this piece it allows you to act like a chameleon.  You'll be able to blend in with your surroundings wherever you go.  You will also be able to replicate the magic of those around, as to also better fit in.  It gives you the knowledge of the enemy so that way you are prepared for when the times come.  It will allow you to stay hidden from the antichrist, but will also allow you to know him.  The piece will allow you to gain all of his knowledge and all of his power while staying shadowed from his own knowledge.  He will not know you exist.  He will not know you have this piece.

Now, think about that for a moment.  The antichrist is the spawn of Satan.  Satan was created as Lucifer by the hand of God.  This piece is not evil, it's how this piece is used that makes the piece evil or white light.  Maybe you don't want to use the magic at all.  Maybe you just want to be hidden from the whole mess and that's okay, too.  This piece will cloak you.  It will protect you, too-- from metaphysical and physical foes.  

Look, to grasp the whole story of how this piece was made and to understand how important this piece is, you really need to listen to the radio show.  Some of the links for these radio shows will be listed tonight-- or at the latest Monday.  Some of them have not uploaded yet and will be added Monday.  Either way, this is a very oddly beautiful piece that will bring you incredible power.  You definitely don't want to miss out on anything that it has to offer you.
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