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Talon of the Dark, Read it All!

Talon of the Dark, Read it All!

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Talon of the Dark.

Raelism is a group/cult that believes they can clone people. They also believe that we were all created by aliens called Elohim. Are they crazy, yes! However there is a reason for their madness. While they don’t know what they are talking about you can’t blame them for it all. I personally have done some hardcore investigation into them. I didn’t do this because I was interested, but because an investigation into what’s called The Talon of the Dark took me there. I have no interest in being a Raelian nor do I believe what they do. I stumbled into their lair? Fantasy world? Either way, it doesn’t matter. What mattered is they had some secret information on what I needed. What I needed was the information on the Talon of the Dark. I got this book which materializes from a rare ring. You can read it and it places things into you or vessels. First I need to tell you about the book and it’s original name. The original name of the book told to the Raelians by the Elohim was The Grip of light. The book was given and made for Lucifer when he was good. After his turning it became Talon of the Dark. The contents of the book didn’t change but how it was used and the name was. This book is equivalent to our Bible but holds power of materialization among other things. The book was created for Lucifer to use for good and to control angels beneath him. The things in that book are beyond comprehension but you can understand it when you have it. I got this at the auction. I can also tell you the strange people that go there. I also know the person placing it wanted it released into the world. When I looked at him I knew something was off. I felt cold and a darkness you could feel. It didn’t matter. I can do what I want with it. The Raelians had the book originally because they were given info on how to clone what was going to be the Antichrist. The Antichrist was not just a person, even though it was but also a living power entity. They didn’t accomplish it to my knowledge. My understanding of that particular situation could be wrong. I just wanted out because shit was getting creepy on a get the hell out of there level! The bottom line is the book can be used for greatness or destruction. From what I was told it has been used to bring the war about in Ukraine. I was told this would follow much more to come. I used the ring and it’s unusual stone to view that book. Like a direct upload to the brain I saw many things. I saw team light and dark in full battle for the end result of Earth and it’s people. You can see the people too and like the Russian tanks there were letters on their chests. These were not z’s but x’s. Each space held a symbol so the x’s had a snake, sun, dragon and circle. Those people were not good. They were stagnant. Now that’s not even one percent of the book. Other things are about leading angelic armies, creating physical things and power infusion. They also hold the bloodlines of families out here to rule in a dark way. The ring is unusual, in sterling with a large unknown stone. The ring is definitely older and the stone was at some point not on this Earth. Some of the Illuminati families that have used this are,

Rothschild, Onassis, Bundy, Reynolds,Freeman, Li, Kennedy, Merovingian,Russell, Astors, Collins and Rockefeller. The Astor name was originally Astarte which means mother of the occult. The name originated from Italy. One of the original family members was Johann Astor. In 1793 the House of Astor was created in America and their Satanic system out in place. They recruited in the high echelons for members of the Waldorf Coven. It is believed that this stone was set into the ring. The main saying is be wise as Serpents. There are also sub groups many of you might not have heard of, some of you will. This ring holds ALL that power. It is a one if a kind ring. We have other pieces that will be less money but only hold some of the power. Those will be listed with the sub groups who used them and what they do. Learning so much about these people has been very eye opening to what’s going on today. I learned even the CIA worships Satan. It’s been a long and heavy though enlightening ride. You might also want to look up Order of the Knights Helmet. They held the most secret and powerful Masonic rituals starting in the 1500’s. Those same rituals are practiced today by the extreme few. When they do those they gain full enlightenment. That is also part of this ring, it is one of the only rituals that can bring back the dead. That alone should make you research and THINK!

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