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know that this world is filled with religions, denominations, beliefs, science, and structures that we all may or may not agree with, or subscribe to. With that being said, I have spent my entire life knowing, for a fact, that this existence I am living is just one of many, that the Spirit continues on after the body dies. This is a reality for us all.

As a professional psychic medium, one of the first skills I learned was to read the past lives of a client through channeling their spirit via seance, and speaking to/watching their spirit guides... the scenes of their past lives.

This gives unique understanding, as we go from one life to another our spirit continues to grow, and nurture. Not everything is re-set once we are re-born. 

Have you ever pondered, perhaps, why some people hold such massive intelligence, but others do not? Why is it that some people seem so full of wisdom, yet others seem so foolish? This is specifically because those that appear to be older, wiser, more intelligent are likely on their 5th, 10th, or even 50th life.

Would you like to know what happened in your past lives? How it forms your life today, and why?

The path each of our lives is taking is uniquely driven, guided, and as a result of the events that transpired in our last lives. Those that can understand their past lives will be able to make more careful choices that yield more positive results. The lives we've lived, while we cannot necessarily remember them, are a treasure trove of information that we can use today.

** My psychic skills were generated based upon the formats of my past lives and the triggers that were inhabited. I was not always gifted, but since the notion was set within me it has remained.

There are a million questions that you could ask about your past lives, and many incredible things that you can transpire, learn and understand about yourself through the knowledge~!

This piece is the token item that will help you ponder the questions you have, and bring forth the answers! This was designed to kinetically erupt the phantoms of your past lives by integrating within your spirit to transgress the energies and flood your mind with "memories" of the lives you have lived.

Truly an amazing piece, this will implement power and help guide you through the journey of this life by pulling and extracting the identities of who you have always been~!

You use this piece as a pendulum but the questions you are asking are about your past lives. Each life you will go through one at a time starting with whichever one you want or just letting them flow. As you use it and ask about your previous powers or magical abilities they are given to you. This piece is one of a kind, made to be carried and is made of pure copper. The reason for that is there is copper in our blood. The energy from just holding the piece will transfer to you from your fingertips. You do feel this one. You may learn of the full details of your lives or go right to the lost memories and pull the gifts from them. This is one of the best pendulums because of all it does and how fast it works. We do NOT have another one.

All spirit guides and those who wish to help you along the way will naturally come to you. None of them will invade your privacy. The best way to gain abilities is through the use of spirits and it’s because they carry a seeping energy just because technically they are in two worlds.

This pendulum can also be held over yourself or another person to locate health issues. Then you may heal them. Again it’s the only one I have and I have seen some pretty interesting past lives that I was able to pull from. I think it will be a piece you use for many years to come. This is also a vintage piece done with moons and an Art Nouveau design.

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