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The 12 Secrets of Ra

The 12 Secrets of Ra

SKU: 8132121

This piece is a solid sterling silver pendant.  It doesn't come with a chain, you will have to supply one. 

This piece is exclusive.  You can search the internet or any other metaphysical collector and you will not find another piece that holds the powers that this one does.  That’s because this piece uncovers and reveals something that nobody has ever learned about prior to the information being revealed to us.  

How did we come into possession of this piece?  We had an item that allowed us to communicate with the Egyptian Solar God, Ra.  Despite the fact that he is a universal energy form, he can also take mortal form if he chooses, which is how we communicated with him.  

When we spoke to him, he gave us a very specific goal to accomplish in a specific timeframe.  We got it done and he agreed to reveal a secret to us that has never before been seen by any set of human eyes before now. It is the presence of the 12 Golden Sarcophagi of the Prophets of Ra.  

When he revealed the secret to us, he did so with a hands-on approach.  Rather than describing his most ancient secret, he took us to a place where could reveal the secret.  The realm where he took us is called the solar sundial.  In the center of the contraption, there is a luminous ball of energy that contains a condensed version of the Mind of Ra.   

Now I want you to picture what an analog clock looks like-- if you can think that far back.  There are 12 boldfaced numbers on a clock-- 1-12.  They represent the hour that it is PM or AM.  Laying perpendicular to the live energy at the center-positioned like the numbers on a clock were 12 empty sarcophagi.  Their heads were at the top and their feet jutted outward.  The sarcophagi were made of gold and bedazzled with all sorts of elaborate jewels and other decorations.  These were the 12 Golden Sarcophagi of the Prophets of Ra.  

Each of the 12 Prophets holds the 12 most powerful forms of magic that belong to Ra.  They are his prophets because they are sent out into the world to spread this light and illumination.  This is why the Sarcophagi were empty, which is how we managed to capitalize on the situation.  Both Deedee and I went through with the process that was being offered-- which was the chance to lay in each of the 12 Golden Sarcophagi.  In return, we receive Ra’s most guarded form of magic, called the 12 Secrets of Ra.  

It took a while because we had to spend an hour in each tomb in order to receive the full power and knowledge of that prophet.  The end result was that we were both imparted with the 12 Secrets of Ra.  Our bodies and minds were imparted with this ancient knowledge, but we chose to put this knowledge into the piece that we are offering.  Ergo, this piece has been double cast and is excessively powerful.  The center power is called the Eye of Ra and watches over these twelve powers and the disciples he has given them to.  

Below are the 12 Secrets of Ra, which is what you are getting when you use this piece.  These are the 12 Secrets of the 12 Prophets of Ra.  Again, we acquire these secrets from laying in the 12 Golden Sarcophagi.  I know I threw out a lot of words in a short timeframe, so I just wanted to recap.  This piece will be life-changing for whoever ends up with it.  It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially with the low price that we are charging for it.  It could have gone for more without covert circles, but we wanted to give our customers a chance at it first.  

The 12 Secrets of Ra

 The Secret of Cosmic Unity-- the ability to control the Cosmos and allow it to flow through your body to receive its energy and its magic.  

The Secret of Sacred Geometry/Numerology-- this is not sacred numerology/geometry in its usual fashion.  It’s the ability to dissect the magic of the pyramid in your mind, using the pyramid code an ancient code used to control the pyramid

The Secret of Immortality-- this is what it sounds like and if you decide to take it, just know you can rescind it at any time you decide you no longer wish to be immortal.  

The Secret of the Universal Eye-- this is the ability to see through the Eye of Ra and into the universe, where you will be able to encounter all things that have ever been created.  

The Secret of Astral Transposition-- as you will soon find out, the astral realms are way more vast than the Earth.  You can use this power to manifest yourself into any being, object, or entity in the astral realm.  

The Secret of Quantum Freedom-- this is the ability to exist free of time and to travel anywhere along the space-time continuum that you choose to.  

The Secret of Life Manifestation-- this is the ability to create your own life path and to create for it what you will.  There are no limits on what you can create for yourself when using this magic.  

The Secret of Kinetic Absorption-- everything has life-- you do, I do, the Earth does, the pyramids do, etc.  This piece allows you to absorb the kinetic energies of others and the elemental energies that are found within nature.  

The Secret of Chakratic Relinquishment-- this is the removal of the chakra system altogether.  This prohibits us from experiencing the full force of the energies of the universe.  When using this piece your chakras, a system used to regulate energies, will be evaporated.  Full energy will be allowed to flow through you.  It will even be easier for you to use your other empowered items.  

The Secret of Divinity-- the ability to be implanted with the divine seed of the immortals.  All gods and goddesses have been implanted with this seed and over time they grow into their powers.  It’s just that they are ancient and you are not.  This seed will continue to grow your divinity until one day, you are also a truly divine being.  

The Secret of Full Blown Psychic Awareness-- this is pretty much self-explanatory.   It is an awakening of maximum psychic ability within your mind 

The Secret of Metaphysical Creation-- all of the aforementioned abilities lead to this one.  This is the ability to create your own power and abilities by using the energies and powers that you have been exposed to.  Create the known, or create something new and unknown.  The choice is yours.
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