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The 25 Kaleedi Elders

The 25 Kaleedi Elders

SKU: 8132102

This piece is a solid sterling antique pendant.  You provide the chain.  

This is actually a curious piece if I may say so myself.  The fact is that the powers and magic in this piece come from an excavation done in India.  You know the “experts” always have analyses and hypotheses and every other word in the thesaurus to explain how things have come to be.  I’ll let you in on a little secret-- a lot of the times they’re wrong.  In the case of their newest finding in India, they’ve got it all wrong.  

Recently they found a dagger that accompanied 25 burial urns.  It was found somewhere in India and was made by the Keeladi civilization, which is a group of people that are so old that they aren’t as old as dust, they probably shoveled the dust when it was still young.  Either way, they are old.  The dagger and burial urns are believed to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 2200 years old.  

So, I’m not going to waste any time with this one.  I don’t really have a cute story about it.  We have tested it and we have found the piece to be extremely powerful.  Some might ask, “How did you do sufficient enough testing on this piece when it takes me 21 days to bond with it?”  We have places to go and ways to make time standstill.  We do things.  We get them done.  

As for this piece, we are calling it the 25 Kaleedi Elders.  The dagger that was found (that was believed to be for hand-to-hand combat) is actually a ritual dagger.  The twenty-five urns?  Those hold the ashes and the essence of the Twenty-Five Kaleedi Elders.  Why should you care about the elders?  Because they are powerful.  Like, super-duper powerful.  Each of the elders offers a gift that comes in the form of a type of magic and/or an ability that you will receive.  The dagger was for the blood offering that was required of the ancient Kaleedi peoples when accessing the magic of the 25 Kaleedi Elders.  

Guess what?  We’ve made this piece really simple.  YOu don’t have to do anything with blood.  We’ve collected all the magic of the blood that dagger has already spilled over the centuries along with the presence of the Kaleedi Elder. We rolled them all up into a nice little package and this is the piece that we have come up with!!  You will meditate with the piece to bond to its energies and after you have you will be able to reach out to the Kaleedi Elders and summon them for their magic.  No need for names.  You will simply meditate upon the power you desire to have.  Here are the 25 powers/forms of magic that you will be able to receive.  

 Immortality.  Yep.  We don’t often lead with this ability, because it’s not one that we offer the most of, but this piece does offer immortality for those of you who want it.

Extreme Wealth-- we understand that in order to maintain an immortal lifestyle you are going to need wealth.  

Divine Protection-- because immortal and indestructible aren’t the same thing.  This brings divine protection from the Elders.  

Divine Ascendance-- this will allow you to elevate your mind to be on the same level as the gods to communicate with them.  

Destiny Manipulation-- this allows you to control your destiny and make it what you want it.  The future is in your hands.

Psychic Activation-- as it sounds, this will give you a psychic activation that will allow you to develop hundreds of psychic abilities over time.  

Divine Manifestation-- the ability to manifest your own will into existence.  Enough said.  

Conjuration-- this allows you to conjure up whatever you want-- angels, djinn, spirits, souls, sex spirits.  We don’t judge.  

Matter Creation-- this allows you to create matter-- both organic and inorganic-- at the cellular level

Cellular Memory Revelation-- While we are talking about cells, this piece will give you the key to unlock your cellular memory and all of your past lives

Cosmic Evolution-- this will give you a cosmic evolution elevation that will allow you to harvest the energies and the magic that exist in the cosmos

Astral Projection-- sometimes this is lumped together with psychic awakening but this magic gives an extra emphasis on mastering the ability to travel anywhere along the space-time continuum that you choose to travel.  

Cellular Replication-- the ability to replicate cells of any type in your body as to assume the powers of organisms they makeup, i.e. vampires, djinn, angels, etc.  

Alchemy-- the ability to manipulate the chemical composition of something to transform it into something else.  

Transfiguration-- the ability to render the body into different forms, shape-shifting

Quantum Manipulation-- the ability to both harness and manipulate the energy of the heavenly bodies such as stars, planets, moons, etc.  

Sacred Numerology-- the understanding of how to use numbers to create magic

Sacred Geometry-- the understanding of how to use shapes to create magic, and/or how shapes influence the magic that is in the universe, i.e. pyramids, pentagrams, etc.  

Sacred Alphabettery and Mantra-- the understanding of and the ability to use words and letters in magic ways to gain desired effects

Prophetry--  the ability to communicate with the divine and the universal elements to receive sacred messages.  

Necromancy-- the mastering of the magic of the dead, including the ability to contact the dead and the ability to control the lifeforce.  

Serpentry-- the ability to receive messages from divine serpents, messenger serpents, serpents of knowledge, serpents of life, etc.  

Blood Magic-- the knowledge of ancient blood magic and blood rites.  

Universal Materialization-- the ability to materialize yourself in more than one place at a time.  It works a lot like bilocation. 

Elemental Manipulation-- manipulation of the elements to achieve the desired effect.
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