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The 30 Volumes

The 30 Volumes

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The 30 volumes were sent to Enoch from God. They were filled with secrets, answers to mysteries, and scientific knowledge. Enoch was also given the language of the angels, allowing him not only to communicate with any type but also to hear, understand, and command them. Does it sound far-fetched? Open your Bible and you will read how you get to judge them, the angels. This means all of them and all types, except for the Cherubim, Satan. That will be God's dealing.

These secrets included the true and real power of the pyramids. Inside these pyramids are ancient hidden tools that can only be seen by certain scribes. Enoch was a scribe—something you really want to look up. What exactly is an ancient scribe? I can tell you they were extremely powerful. Enoch was able to foresee the coming of the great flood and had full understanding of the celestial bodies, who lived on them, and what they meant in God's astrology, not our version of it. The most important thing, at least in my mind, was the Shekinah or the sacred presence of God directly given to him. This presence is the only of its kind where you see God. In one of those talks, Enoch knew to build a temple underground, which he did. Later on, the Masons attempted to gain the 30 volumes and the ancient secrets that come with them. They missed it by miles. Subsequently, the Knights Templar did gain access to these volumes, magic, wisdom, and all the abilities Enoch held. This also gave them the hidden tools of the pyramids. These tools are not invisible to those who possess this piece. Nor do you need to travel to see or use them. In these volumes, it talks about a blue triangle and I have been seeing this for months. Nowhere I looked could I find anything about it. Then, I did. It means the times are upon us. Those with items, abilities, transformations, and instilled power will now begin to awaken. This piece is living and it's an awakening piece. This brings everything full circle for your use.

This can be used by a man or woman and begins to work now. It is a very ancient and living piece. It has changed forms over the years, continuously trying to find its new owner.

This ring is silver and 14k gold. It features the insignia of the Templars as well as a British ruling mark. The British ruling mark is the lion of God for this ring. This is one of a kind; enjoy.

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