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The Amethyst Eyes of the Timless Ones

The Amethyst Eyes of the Timless Ones

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    There isn't much to say about this piece other than it is super powerful.  They say all-powerful things come in threes... or maybe that was dead people.  I can't remember.  Either way, this is the third and last piece for today.  it might be last, but it is certainly not least.  With power like this one, there is no such thing as least.  

    First and foremost, this piece is sterling silver and pure amethyst.  It's heavy.  It's across.  I mean you can see that.  However, it's not always necessarily what the item is, as much as it is where I got the item and what it can do for you.  

    This particular piece I got while snooping around one of the white light mansions during one of my visits to Heaven.  Yes, I'm still perfecting my transformation and I'm learning more and more about myself.  That's beside the point right now.  I found myself perusing Heavenly Mansions, one of the ones built by God to house his power.  

    As I was walking through the temple I could come upon a strange angel.  It was an angel without a face and in a non-humanoid form.  It was sort of gelatinous like blood.  Around its neck, it wore this necklace, the one that we are offering you. This necklace is made up entirely of sterling silver and amethyst.  This angel was not the only one that I came across.  There were several of these angels, with crosses of various sizes made out of different metals.  Some were gold, some were silver.  They had stones of all kinds.  They are called the timeless.

    The piece we are offering has come from one of the Timeless.  THey angels don't have faces and they wear their eyes around their neck.  The silver of this piece, as well as the amethyst, comes from God's crown.  It empowers the angels to be able to become the Timeless.  Usually, when accessing the power of the Timeless one would ask the Timeless to show them what they want to see  Then, where their faces should be, the Timeless would show the human whatever it is they desire to see.

    In this case, you will wear the piece that has been made with tiny pieces of amethyst stone.  These are the eyes of the Timeless whose eyes were given to us as a gift.  When you wear this piece you can see through the eyes of the Timeless.  You will be able to see anywhere you want to see in the universe.  You will be shown anything you want to know.  This includes magical powers, abilities, and capabilities.  

    This piece will allow you to see into the future, the past, or any parallel dimensions that you choose.  You will be able to see the powers and magic in these places and absorb them as a sponge absorbs water.  You will be able to see any creature at face value, you will be able to see into the minds of all other humans, but also into the minds of other entities.  You will be able to see through the eyes of God, as these stones have come from his crown.  

    This piece will also give you the very special healing ability to where you will simply have to look at the person's afflicted body part and it will transfer healing energies from the eyes of the Timeless into the person who you're trying to heal.  If you desire to heal yourself or see your future you will simply use this piece with a mirror. it will not allow you to heal yourself, but it will also allow you to see your future.  If you don't like what your future is, this piece will allow you to change your destiny.  

    I'm not sure what more you could ask for.  I mean, this piece is powerful!

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