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The Ancient Avenue of Sphinxes

The Ancient Avenue of Sphinxes

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This piece is unlike anything that you have ever witnessed in your life.  IT is a powerful piece that will connect you to a source of Egyptian magic that is so powerful it was buried in the sands by the gods in hope that it would stay hidden.  

However, you know humanity and we are meddlesome.  An excavation project that took the course of decades has finally come to a head as Egypt's department of antiquities celebrated Luxor.  

While millions of Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving, the city of Luxor was having a colossal celebration on account of the opening of a walkway called the Avenue of Sphinxes.

The Avenue of Sphinxes is a 3,000-year-old, two-mile path that is 250 feet wide and connects the Temple of Luxor to the Temple of Karnak.  It was once called the Pathway of God.  Along the path are 600 carved sphinxes-- some with the heads of rams and some in the traditional style of a human's head.  

As millions looked on, a grand spectacle took place.  What they didn't understand was that secretly a ritual called the procession of Kings was taking place.  The procession of kings is a ritual where the Pharoah would put on a parade to please the gods and gain their favor.  

In return, the gods would deliver 600 secrets to the sphinxes that lined the roads.  The Pharaoh, who was a divine emanation on Earth was the only one who was able to receive these messages.  

The messages of the Sphinxes could be anything.  They could be secrets of the universe.  They could be different types of divine magic.  They would pearls of wisdom.  They could be genetic mutations of power and abilities that Pharaoh could undergo.  It could be the promise of victory in a battle.  It just depended on what the Pharoah wanted and who the Pharaoh was that was putting on the Procession of Kings.

The parade that took place at the Avenue of Sphinxes aka the Path of God on November 25th was a grandiose ritual designed to open the portal to the gods and gain their favor.  It was a bid to grant Egypt wealth and abundance.  It was done to allow them to ascend to a world superpower as they were in the ancient past.  I'm not sure if that's going to transpire or how.  

What I do know that is on the same day of the parade, Deedee received a very impromptu vision.  She never knows when she will receive them, but sometimes she expects visions at a certain time of the month.  This one was just out of the blue and unexpected.  In fact, we weren't going to even release this piece yet, but we feel like it needs to get out there.  

In her vision, Deedee saw a golden road.  Like the Avenue of Sphinxes, it was lined with statues.  Only in her visions, the statues spoke to her.  She recalls one statue told her the secret of summoning the Eye of Horus.  One told her the secret of Isis' ancient magic.  Another told him where to find the 13th piece of Osiris' boy.  A fourth told her the secrets of the Solar barge and the illumination of Ra.  Another granter her the ability to connect to the capstone of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  

Deedee walked down the golden pathway to a golden throne.  On the throne sat a real living sphinx.  It had the body of a lion and the head of a man.  Upon the head of the sphinx was a Nemes and in the center of the Nemes, right where the Sphinx third eye would have existed was this astounding beauty of a jewel.  

The King Sphinx spoke only one simple phrase.  "You have been chosen.  You have been chosen.  You have been chosen."  It said it over and over again.  In the eyes of the Sphinx Deedee said she could see the universe.  She described it as a blending or a melting of many different realities, different entities, different types of existence, different powers, different magic, etc.  

She was prompted by a telekinetic thought to reach up and pluck the stone from the nemes of the Sphinx.  You know Deedee.  When she has an itch she usually scratches it.  She reach up and grabbed ahold of the stone and pulled.  This ring came out of the Sphinx King's forehead. Deedee was told to take it and so she did.  

This piece is phenomenal and it is a rare piece.  The stone on the ring, which holds the power of the King Sphinx's third eye is a cabochon cut stone.  The stone is extremely large.  It is a dragon's breath, aka red opal, and to get one this large is very rare.  The piece is also an antique.  We are not sure how this piece got to where Deedee found it, but it is definitely an antique.  The band is adjustable sterling silver.  

As I've alluded to just above, the stone in this piece holds the powers of the King Sphinx's third eye.  When you wear this piece you will also be allowed to leave your body in the metaphysical form to walk the Avenue of the Sphinxes.  Along the Avenue you will encounter real, living Sphinxes who will speak to you.  They will tell you 600 secrets.  These secrets will come in many forms.  We did have an emergency testing session for this piece so we could get it out ASAP.  Each person who tested this piece heard a different set of 600 secrets, but some of the secrets did overlap.  What secrets you will receive will depend on your true desires and what the Sphinxes feel like they need to convey to you.  

As you walk down the Avenue of Sphinxes, your true desires and your destiny will be revealed to them.  What you want out of life or the type of magic you crave will be revealed to them.  They will then tell you the secrets in accordance with what you want to hear and what you need to hear.  So each person's experience will be vastly different.  

The King Sphinx, seated upon the stone at the end of the golden path will grant you 600 wishes.  You can claim these wishes simply by wearing the piece and stating out loud what you want to wish for.  That's a TON Of wishes.  You can't go wrong here.  That's a ton of secrets that will be revealed to you.  

You can use this piece to visit the Avenue of the SPhinxes as many times as you want, but the secrets will never change.  Your set of secrets belongs to you forever, so you can travel back to reference them at any time you want.  This is a very powerful piece.  The stone is the real deal.  It is magnificent.  It's not one of those foil and glass pieces.  This is a real stone.
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