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The Antichrist's Stone

The Antichrist's Stone

SKU: 22521056

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This piece is a Sterling silver men's ring.

We have told you guys time and time again that the End Time is coming.  We are no here to tell you that the End Times are upon us.  All of the signs are there for you to look at.  It's as simple as reading the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelations together.  Throw in some passages from the Book of Psalms and you have yourself a roadmap of signs and clues that will point out the fact that we are no longer waiting for the End Times to arrive, folks.  We are in the midst of them.  They have dawned on us and we are simply now waiting for the stuff to start hitting the fan.  Any day now that first trumpet is going to sound, the first seal is going to be broken and the horsemen will anxiously descend upon Earth to wreak havoc with their plagues and pestilence.  

The Anti-Christ walks the Earth.  He is navigating a plan of rebellion that will call forth the darkest forces from the pits of Earth.  There will be a war between good and evil that rages on fiercer than any battle known to man on Earth.  The process has begun.  Deedee has seen the guy in visions and dreams but she can't quite put a finger on his face or where exactly she has seen him, but he does exist and he is right now working on propagating the minds of the masses so that when he does come to take over and help Satan begin his reign of Darkness on Earth called the Thousand Years.  

The AntiChrist has-- or should we say had-- the ability to harness the magical powers of Satan for the purpose of creating all sorts of miracles or Earth.  He will do this to appear as a divine being to the people on Earth.  That way he is welcome.  He would have used that same ring to perform many great feats-- bringing the dead back to life, calling upon interdimensional beings to deliver magic to the masses.  He was going to use it to heal people in the name of false gods.  He was going to have unlimited and uncapped potential, because as Jesus was a prodigy of God, so will the AntiChrist being a prodigy of Satan.  

The AntiChrist ring was a connection to Satan, but not the darkness that Satan surrounds himself with.  Rather, the ring has a connection to the knowledge that was instilled in him by God before he fell from Heaven for leading a rebellion of angels against God.  You know the story, but Satan was the brightest among the angels and held the most power.  He was second in command only to God.  He has unparalleled knowledge.  He has the ability to create whatever he wants and he uses this ability to trick humans into thinking they should follow him.  

Anyway, as we have said the AntiChrist used to have this ring.  he doesn't anymore.  why?  It was stolen from him.  We believe this was done by the Prior of Sion, but we have no solid proof.  We cannot tell you who we got this piece from as we have been sworn to secrecy.  If we did tell you, things would not end well for us.  So, just know that this piece is incredibly, incredibly powerful.  It is ground-breaking in what it will do for you, which is highlighted below.  

First and foremost, this piece gives you a connection to Lucifer's mind.  Contrary to what you might think, this piece is actually dual-energy, not darkness.  Again, this is because this piece accesses the knowledge of Satan and not actually Satan as an entity.  You gain what he knows, but not his nature.  You can use this to create whatever you want.  It will reveal hidden secrets of the universe and bring you the powers and abilities that you have always wanted. 

This piece is a double-edged sword, because not only does it bring you the ability that I have just told you about, but more.  The stone in this piece was specifically hand-selected by Satan.  It allowed the AntiChrist to move about undetected by his foes.  As such, you will also be able to be invisible to the AntiChrist.  You will be able to move in the shadows.  You will become the unknown.  You will be able to move undetected by the likes of a corrupt government that serves the dark forces that lurk on Earth.  When it comes time for the round-up you will remain invisible to those forces, being able to move freely, as you please.  

Not only this, but the piece also allows you to view and know all the thoughts of the AntiChrist.  As he thinks his thoughts or as he receives telekinetic messages from Satan you will also receive these messages.  You will be prepared when things are about to go down because you will be in the know.  You will know what is going on.  The brilliant part about it all is that they won't know that you know.  Again, this piece allows you to move in stealth.  They will never even know that you have it.  Unless you spill the beans, nobody will know.  As for the AntiChrist, I'm sure he got a new ring by now, wondering how h managed to lose such a powerful tool.  Oh well, your gain!

Don't stall deciding on this piece.  It's very powerful and we only have one available!
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