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The Archive Is Alive!

The Archive Is Alive!

SKU: 5624054


The archive is alive!

And apparently doing well! This piece is a one of a kind. Take a close look at it. It shows you a snake with open mouth and fang on both ends. These are two snakes entwined. This is solid sterling silver, antique with age unknown. This is a combination of a few things hidden in the archives of the Vatican. What are you getting? This holds all powers of the 6th and 7th Books of Moses. That includes full physical conjunction, controlling the dead, weather, healing and wealth of ages. This also includes full CONTROL over angels. Uriel and Michael are mentioned a lot but so are many unheard of. This piece contains all the universes you can’t see and what angels and aliens control them. This also includes the Chronovisor, the original power. This is time travel to see anything in history. This is not a fake conspiracy. This also includes the secret of Fatima which has a lot to do with nuclear war and how you can personally escape it. I will be escaping. This secret also says that Satan lives in Vatican City and the pope we have now works for him.

This also includes the secret Grimoire and all its information. These are called the High Mysteries. This will never been had again. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own something like this. To use, put up to your eyes. Every part of this is in working condition, perfectly! This was also supposed to have touch the body of Christ. A definite rare piece. When this is gone, it’s gone. Power can’t be transferred from this piece to any other. So this is the only one. The greatest mysteries ever released along with having full conversations with God is now available.

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