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The Art of Many Divinities

The Art of Many Divinities

SKU: 5262108


This piece is a signed Heidi Daus piece.  The price of this piece is $275.00.  This includes no markup for supernatural abilities that it gives you, that's just the price of the piece.  In other words, you are paying for the item and the power is just an added bonus.  We aren't marking it up becuase of the power.  

Speaking of the power in this piece, it has come from some underground gala they have in Boston.  It's a huge masquerade ball.  Only the wealthy and powerful are invited.  They wear masks and nobody knows your true identity.  The guests in attendance are fed free beer and liquor until they are all in a suggestive state.  That's when the orgies begin.  

I a series of rooms, there is contemporary art depictions of ancient gods and goddesses.  There are furniture and beds in each of the rooms.  People then go in and debaucherous affairs with whoever is interested, offering the sex energy from their bangathon to whichever divinity guards the area they're doing hanky panky in.  Their sex energy will draw the divinity out and that same divinity will grant them powers and ability in exchange for the energetic offering.  

This piece was worn during one of these soirees and let's just say that the lady who originally owned this piece-- who was a billionaire trust fund baby and esteemed member of the NWO-- was a little bit loose downstairs.  I don't know why she hadn't paid for some sort of vaginoplasty, but that's her deal.  The fact is she has this piece and this piece is powerful.  Why?  Because she banged her way through those art exhibits like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball.  She came.  She saw.  She came again.  She conquered.  

This piece holds the presence of top-notch deities and will give you a direct connection to them.  It allows you to assume and acquire their abilities and to call upon them for their magic.  A few of the divinities that this piece calls upon are Molech, Ba'al, Innana, Ishtar, Isis, Thoth, Ra, Freya, Thor, Quetzalcoatl, Lilith (although she's technically not a goddess), Mami Wata, Obatala, Papa Legba, the Jade Emperor, etc.  There are others, but you will simply have to connect to the piece in order to experience their presence.  

This piece gives unlimited connection to these deities, as well as unlimited magic.  
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