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The Beating Heart of Knowledge and the Man of Many Faces

The Beating Heart of Knowledge and the Man of Many Faces

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This is a very beautiful piece, but it is also very powerful relic. Read on below to see all the juicy details about how this piece will be able to change your life for the better!

This piece has an accompanying YouTube video, where you can see this piece in further detail:

We call this piece the Beating Heart of Knowledge. It is empowered with magic from an entity that was created by Christ, known as the Man of Many Faces. The heart beats knowledge and magic into your mind and existence. I know that this seems a bit ambiguous, but keep reading the mystery that will be revealed to you.

During the lost years of Christ, one of the places that he traveled to besides England and India was to study with the Essenes in the Judean Desert. Let's be real, though. Was it the Essenes that really needed to do the teaching, or was it, Christ? Don't get me wrong, Jesus was taught formalities of the law by the Essenes, but the young messiah was the one that ended up teaching the Essenes everything they needed to know.

At face value, the Essenes were a group of Jews that, according to Pliny the Elder, numbered thousands. They weren't quite as numerous as the Sadducees or the Pharisees, but there was enough of them that they influences culture. They were very mystic Jews and they adhere to principles set forth by Kabbalah. This is fine, but Jesus wanted them to understand that He was the shortcut to God's eternal knowledge and magic.

To demonstrate what he meant, Jesus created a divine form that he called something in His language that translates to the Man of Many Faces. I only know this to be true, because I was shown this figure in a vision that was given to me. I was testing a piece when I traveled back in time to a place when Jesus was staying with the Essences

The Man of Many Faces was born of Christ's blood. He made a small cut on the palm of his hand and mixed it with the sand of the desert. He spoke a few words in his native tongue and blew upon the sand like a child would blow on their food to cool it off. The blood and sand were formed into a faceless creature.

The Essenes watched in awe, some of them in terror. The golem was animated with the blood and knowledge of Christ. It was a roughly humanoid shape. He spoke to the Essenes and told them that this was the Many of Many Faces who bear the knowledge of the Israelite fathers. As soon as he spoke those words, the golem began to morph into a different face.

Each of the faces spoke a different story and each of the faces told a different knowledge. Each of the faces offered some sort of magical power or gift to the Essenes. For instance, Abraham spoke to them and imparted abundance upon them. Noah spoke to them and gave them the ability to communicate with Angels. Levi spoke to them and gave them the authority to possess God's holy white light magic. Moses spoke to them and they were given his knowledge of the Heavens.

Joshua spoke to them and they were given the secrets to acquiring victory in any situation. Even Solomon spoke to them and the wisdom that he imparted was immense and powerful-- the secret of the Holy of Holies, the knowledge to summon magical djinn and other spirits, the ability to summon angels, etc. Aaron spoke to them and he gave them the magic of his Holy Staff. No secret was spared as the Man of Many faces spoke.

At the end of it, Jesus told the Essenes that only through God are all things possible. The magic, the rituals, everything-- it was all empowered by God. It was all contained in the Bloodline of His Son and that he was the Son that gave them this knowledge. He was the one that presented them with the Man of Many Faces. Then he left and went on to do whatever it was that he was going to do. This is what is shown to me in the vision.

However, before the final transition from when I was seeing the Man of Many Faces and then seeing Jesus leave the Essenes, I was given this piece. It was like I had been a fly on the wall for the whole experience, but then suddenly time stood still. The Man of Many Faces was faceless, but still there came from within him a voice that said simply, "Come Forth." I did as I was told and there hanging around the neck of the golem was this pendant. I could feel that I was supposed to take it, so I did.

When using this piece, you will be able to call upon the Man of Many Faces. He will come to you within your mind. He will be in a blank form, as the golem that Jesus created for the Essenes. You can call forth any of the Biblical Fathers, prophets, teachers, priests, etc. with this energy. The faceless form will take the face of whomever you desire to speak with. The magic and the knowledge that you want will form inside of the heart. The heart will begin to beat and as it does, the energies of whatever you have requested will circulate through your body, your mind, your subconscious, and your soul.

Another way you can use this piece is to ask it to use the powers of God as they were given to the forefathers to create your own magic. This magic will be purely white light. The heart will beat the energies into existence in order to create whatever it is you are asking for.

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