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The Beating Heart of the Universe

The Beating Heart of the Universe

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This is a very interesting find, actually.  It is very powerful, but it also suggests that maybe there are some things about the world that scientists don't really have as figured out as they may think.  Of course, we have proven this time and time again with the items that we post here.  The bottom line is that sometimes it's okay to not fully understand how things work.  

Then again, sometimes it is extremely beneficial to know the ins and outs of how it works, but from a metaphysical standpoint versus a physical one.  That is what this piece is all about.  It is about a secret text that was found in Iraq in an area that was once part of Persia.  Ancient Persia was the place to be in the old times.  They were smack dab in the middle of everything that was going on.  Evidently, they contributed to the world's first written text, which is what scientists are claiming they have miscalculated, crediting the Mesopotamians instead.  

None of this would bear much of a significance to this piece, except for the fact that the magic that is in this piece has come from a series of tablets that were found in Iraq.  These tablets displayed a different type of linear cuneiform that ancient Sumerian writing did not display.  When it was first revealed researchers had a hard time solving the puzzle.  It took many years to crack the code.  The truth is that the researchers still don't have it down.  

Not only is the ancient text a means for communication, but it is also a means of revelation.  This isn't revelation like the Book of Revelations.  Rather, it's a universal revelation, meaning it reveals secrets of the universe-- much like Hebrew tells a story or Enochian allows you to speak with God's authority.  In this instance, the language reveals the essence of something called the beating heart of the universe.  We know this because we have also worked with the language.  We did not receive the original tablets, but we didn't need to.  

The cuneiform that was found is a jumping board.  The letters can be arranged to mean things in the logical sense of language.  Above and beyond that are the letters' ability to put your mind into a state of trance.  In this trance, you are shown the beating heart of the universe.  It is an energy and life-giving source at the center of all that God has created.  

As the heart beats, knowledge is emanated into the universe.  It roams freely until it is picked up by a brain of some sort.  This knowledge is then part of the brain and can be shared with others.  The thing is, like light, this knowledge has to move through the universe.  It does so at a very rapid speed, but some knowledge that has been emanated from the beating heart won't reach our world until our generation is long gone if it doesn't get intercepted by another brain-- one of God's other creations in the universe-- before it gets to us.  

Those that live closer to the Beating Heart of the Universe receive most of the knowledge first.  Since they then become more advanced than people further away, it becomes their responsibility to share this knowledge with the less fortunate.  That would be humanity.  Believe it or not, there are lifeforms out there that are less advanced than we are.  Anyway, that's why aliens have been delivering knowledge to the Earth since the beginning of time.  The pyramids, the sphinx, Sayer's Rock, Stonehenge, the Nazca Lines, and the Easter Island heads are just a few examples. There are scores.  

This piece is glass, but it is a real beating heart.  It has been programmed to beat in sync with the beating heart of the universe.  Think of it as a Bluetooth pairing between your phone and your headset or speaker.  You will be able to receive information from the Beating Heart of the Universe, through your own real beating heart pendant.  The beating heart is omniscient.  It can beat any type of knowledge into the universe, just as our human heart pumps blood through our circulatory system.  

When you use this piece you will be able to psychically connect to the beating heart of the universe.  You will ask for any form of knowledge that you desire and the universe will send it to you employing your beating heart pendant.  The pendant must be making skin contact.  The knowledge will be received from the beating heart of the universe.  Your heart pendant will pump this knowledge through your body so that way you will be able to receive whatever it is you are asking for.  This includes asking for magic or any type of ability that you might want.  
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