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The Black Dahlia As You Have Never Heard Her

The Black Dahlia As You Have Never Heard Her

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The Black Dahlia is one of the most infamous unsolved murder cases in American history. The case refers to the brutal murder of Elizabeth Short, a 22-year-old aspiring actress, in Los Angeles in 1947. Short's body was found mutilated and severed in half, and the case garnered widespread media attention and speculation due to its gruesome nature and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death.

When I did the medium session this is one of the people I asked for. Yes you guys will hear it. I have had to break it up so it will load. This session along with Tomer will be on either late tomorrow night or the next morning. Sorry it has taken me so long but I just figured it out. My contract with the cable company is out so they slow your service down so you call them to speed it up. So, that’s another thing I have to do tomorrow, ugh!

During the session I asked Elizabeth who killed her. This is what she said. She said it was a doctor to the celebrities but couldn’t recall his name because of the humiliation and pain. I asked her what she meant by humiliation because I assumed she was murdered and then mutilated, that was part of the case. She said that at first all she remembered was seeing a doctor in the evening who was recommended to her. I asked her what doctor was open late at night/ what was she sick with. She wouldn’t say. She said after that she woke up nude with people she did recognize. She said when she woke up or came too she was told she had fainted and to sit still. She saw Rita Hayworth, Sammy Davis Jr., Mae West, Orson Wells who at the time she didn’t know and Marlene Dietrich. This along with the doctor. There are about with about 7 or 8 other people who she still doesn’t know. She said one of the men put on a crown of horns and walked up and slapped her really hard across the face. Then the doctor forced her to her feet and made her bend over while others took inserted things inside of her while they called out to Lucifer. At some point she says she was shoved back to the floor with everyone standing around her. One of the women said they wanted her life force first because she needed it against another woman. She was told no because it was going to someone else but she would get her turn. Elizabeth while hearing this and already in pain said she felt pure terror and at one point they were all wearing horns on their heads. The women not only wore horns but also were naked except for a horn made to look like a giant penis which was very sharp. The giant horn was also used to cut her face open. She said the last thing she remembered was two other women walking in who were deathly afraid. She knows both of them were also killed. They were killed in almost the same way she was. When they were all dead the one was with her and the other started screaming. The one screaming wasn’t because she was murdered, even though she was. She was screaming and asking for help with her arms outstretched and slashes appeared on her spirit body. In spirit form there is no pain and Elizabeth says the murder of her body, even looking down at it couldn’t compare to the other woman who was still screaming after death. For a long time Elizabeth was around the other woman whose name is Marjorie but she doesn’t know her last name. Then one day she was gone. She said before she went she heard someone calling her and she kept saying she heard a woman’s voice but Elizabeth couldn’t hear it. Only Marjorie could hear it, then she started crying and calling an unseen woman mama. My guess is a medium was contacting Marjorie for Marjorie’s mother. After that Marjorie was gone and Elizabeth was left alone. On and off she saw other spirits like herself but most wouldn’t communicate with her or see her! Now that is weird! A few were like her and one child she came across that was truly lost and that I don’t understand but Elizabeth said that was something she wanted to tell me about later on. The bracelet that you are looking at is everything that she was including the memories of her death. This carries her essence, energy and communication. I have another one that is a white Rose ring. That one I don’t have a picture of because my friend is using it on three auditions this week. She is trying to get into pictures and is a non SAG member. One is for a commercial and two are for small parts in movies. That ring holds again, all of Elizabeth’s aspirations and what she would have become. Both are good. The ring helps you get where you want in modeling, acting and fame as that is what she wanted. The other gives you the abilities beyond the veil. When you get that from spirits it’s very powerful. If you touch just one spirit, your life is changed. You become extremely psychic and I think it’s because maybe you crossed over too even though briefly.

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