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The Blackbloods and the Baroness

The Blackbloods and the Baroness

SKU: 5262112


This is a very eccentric and over-the-top piece.  It is bedazzled with hot pink stones, but it is heavy sterling.  The whole thing is made of sterling.  Not to mention it is extremely powerful.  It once belonged to somebody known as the Baroness.  She fancied all sorts of things, but she really took a liking to this piece for one reason or another.  

The Baroness was a French lady, a sorceress, who traveled all over the world.  She was called by the rich and powerful-- the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Red and Green Society, and others-- for help with their magical development.  The Baroness has a very special type of blood that those in the magical community would call blackblood.  

Nobody really knows for sure what blackblood is, but it runs through the veins of extremely powerful people.  It is the essence that allows them to be extremely powerful.  They were born with the innate blood type, it's not that they did anything to earn or achieve it.  They were simply born with it.  

The blackblood that flows through their veins holds cellular memories of times well past.  It connects the blackbloods to a group of thetans that existed in a pre-Earth time before it was formed and before God even created humanity.  They have ancient wisdom that allows them to do many different forms of magic, but in order for the blackbloods to do their magic, they need to have a human soul sacrificed.

Enter the Baroness.  She travels the world and lieu of souls, creating magic for those who desire it the most.  This piece was flashy to her and she likes flashy things.  She wore this piece on many occasions during her ceremonious blood rituals and magical creation.  This piece now holds the energetic presence of dozens of souls.  We are not sure how our source came across this piece, but we were quite excited to have it.  

This piece is a supernatural writing piece.  Having once been the personal possession of the Baroness and her dozens of souls, this piece has the ability to write magical powers into creation.  You will simply wear the piece and write.  This piece is excessively powerful and there are not many things that are out of the realm of possibility when using it.
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