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The Calaveras Skull

The Calaveras Skull

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The piece you are receiving is a sterling silver pendant with a gorgeous swirly purple stone.

This piece holds the presence of a skull that was found in a California mine. originally called the Calaveras Skull, it was found by miners in 1866. it was found under a layer of lava in Calaveras, which ironically translates to skulls in English.

At first, it was believed that the skull was the oldest one to have ever been found in North America. However, forensics tests (not highly advanced in those times) dated the skull to be much more contemporary than believed.

Still, one scientist, Josiah Whitney believed the skull to be authentic. He was goth the California State Geologist and a professor o Geology at Harvard University. He worked with the skull and was convinced that it was proof that humans coexisted with mastodons and wooly mammoths. His successor E.W. Putnam also believed the skull to be authentic.

To complicate things further it was later found out that the skull that was originally found and the one that was date-tested were two different skulls. Were you wondering where all these skulls were coming from? Yeah, me too.

During the mining in Calaveras, a cache of skulls was found that was believed to belong to local Native Americans. They definitely would not be as old as Whitney claimed they were, but they'd still be old. On a trip to California, Putnam overheard some locals telling a story about how the Native skulls were placed in the mine as a practical joke to scare the miners. Still, Putnam stuck to his guns concerning his opinion of the skull

Look, if I'm being honest, I don't know how old the original skull was. What I do know is that the original skull was very powerful. We don't know if the skull belonged to a Native American Shama or a magical entity that was visiting at the time. We just know the skull was powerful.

We also know that the original was swapped out with the one that was tested in the lab before the lab being able to run their tests. We know the lab received false results, but still we honestly just don't know how old the original skull was found.

The reason the original was confiscated was that somebody, somewhere-- it could have been authorities, it could have been the owner of the mine-- discovered that the skull has a very unique ability.

The original Calaveras Skul can show the future. When you lay your hands on the skull you will see through the skull's eyes and it will show the future of whatever you want to see. You, your friends, your family, the world, or whatever you want to see. It shows it to you when you place both your hands atop the skull's head.

It also lets you take things into the future. It was found out during the investigation that to do that, the hands also had to be placed on the skull. Then, the participant would mentally envision what they wanted out of life. It would be granted by the skull.

The most mysterious part, again, is the fact that we don't know where the skull has come from. We have speculation, but that is all we can go off of. The skull was very good at what it does best.

We don't know where the skull got to. That's part is also a mystery. However, we have this piece that was somehow made with the skull, which tells me it ended up in like the Bohemian Grove or something like that.

This piece embodies the magic that was found in the skull and it will do the same thing for you. All you have to do is wear the piece, which makes it super easy for you to operate. It will show you the future. It will allow you to think your future into existence. The only rule is that you must be wearing your pice at the time. You will then be able to dictate what you want to see and what you want to manifest into your life.

This piece is super powerful so sell it short. This doesn't just do the standard wealth, love, fertility, luck, etc. This piece can bring full knowledge of the cosmos. This piece can open up the zodiac or you to acquire the magic that lives there. You can absorb the energies and the magic of the places you visit. it is a highly powerful, very adaptable piece, so this way it can do what you want it to do.

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