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The Children of the Black Sun

The Children of the Black Sun

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This piece seems almost Satanic. I guess in a way you could say that it is because it does harness the powers of the dark magic. There are no two ways about that. However, we have this piece, so we are going to offer it because we know somebody out there will enjoy it.

The piece was created by a group of immortal beings that we call the Children of the Black Sun? Who are these Children of the Black Sun? They are Goblin-type creatures that were summoned by Himmler, Hitler, and their posse during the days before they were extradited from power.

Unbeknownst to the owners of the youth hostel that the Wewelsburg Castle has become, these creatures are permanent residents of the castle. They were summoned for their magic from the Shadow Realms by the Nazis during the war in hopes that one of them might be able to grant the party worldwide victory. Spoiler alert-- they couldn't

Let me back up a bit. The Wewelsburg Castle, which was once a stronghold of the SS Army has become both a museum and a youth hostel in present days. This is not surprising considering that's what the castle was used for before. However, it is a bit disturbing knowing all that has gone on and all that is present within the walls of the castle.

On the floor of the Hall of Heroes in the Wewelsburn castle is a giant rendition of what is known as the Black Sun complete with a sun wheel (a traditional Germanic Pagan symbol) with 12 radiating Sig runs radiating outward. there's that ever-present number 13 again!

Here's the thing. The sig runes that radiate from the sun wheel are what the Nazis called the 12 Dark Paths. Each of these paths holds a very specific awakening that it gives those who embrace its powers. The 12 types of awakening that are experienced from the Black Sun depend on each individual.

When using the Dark Sun as a method of enlightenment, the soul is cast into complete darkness. This is not an evil darkness, but a darkness that strips them void of their consciousness. Their minds are read by the powers that lurk in the shadow and a new consciousness that is really your old conscious plus 12 fresh, new, dark magic powers are provided.

The Children of the Black Sun are shapeshifters that take the form of people who are supposedly lodging at the hostel. They are constantly changing their form to disguise themselves, but they are there to guard the Black Sun against people who would try to strip it of its potency.

They have a series of magic rings that they keep that allows the person who is wearing it to open up and correspond with the Black Sun, which is what we are offering. Never mind how we got it. That's not important. The important part is that we have it.

This piece is heavy sterling silver with a black stone. This piece is vintage and it is incredibly powerful. When you use this ring you will gain the power of the Black Sun. You will be given your 12 Paths by the powers that lurk. You will be shown how to to use those powers. You will embrace those powers-- whatever they might be-- and you will become a very potent sorcerer using them.

I can not explicitly say what powers you will receive as part of your 12 Paths, but some of the powers that we have seen manifested during the testing of this ring were awakening of the universal consciousness, immortality, the power to raise the dead in the flesh, the power to see with the Eye of Ra, the ability to summon all sorts of powerful creatures, the ability materialize magic out of nothing, the ability to shapeshift, the ability seize another's mind, the ability to possess other people's bodies, extreme wealth, the ability to transcend time, and so many others.

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