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The Chosen of Zion

The Chosen of Zion

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In the End Times, there will a man who is called the Chosen of Zion.  The Chosen of Zion is a mortal man who possesses immortal knowledge and within whom lives the eternal presence of God.  He is a normal human who will experience mortal death, but who will rise from the ashes like a valiant Phoenix.  He will experience divine awakening like nothing that has ever been experienced before.  

While the world is complete chaos, like the universe was before God spoke into it to calm it down to create what we know as the universe, the Chosen of Zion will be God's eyes and ears on Earth.  He will unify a band of angels that have been sent by God, as well as the Watchers who still live on earth who were sent by God to Earth a very long time ago.  

The Chosen of Zion will become the white light leader on Earth around whom all white light forces will rally.  This seems like an incredibly daunting task, but the fact is that with the magic that will be given to him he cannot be beaten.  He will speak with the authority and the command of God himself.  

How do we know all this?  We offered a piece a while back that was a sterling silver ring that belonged to one of the people whose chore it was to bury the Ark of the covenant.  They were called the Carriers and this piece ties directly into that piece.  In that listing, it talks about how God will choose somebody at the End of Times to lead the White Light Army, upon whom he will bestow a mighty power.  That's what this ring is.  We didn't know the exact details at the time, but we have been working on it since.  

We received this piece at the Underground Auction.  It is at least 18k, but we are pretty sure it's 24k gold.  We just forgot to mark it down because we were overwhelmed with the power that comes from the piece itself.  It is a beautiful ring with two beautiful gold balls that sit on top of the ring.  One is sparkly and one is simply gold.  They each represent something that will be given to you, but more on that in a bit.  Just beware that when you wear this ring you will assume the identity of the Chosen of Zion!  

Now, I told you just a minute ago that each one of the balls that this piece holds represents something that you will be receiving as the Chosen of Zion.  The first of these is associated with the God-conscious.  You will receive God's innate presence, his knowledge, his understanding, and his magic.  This piece will grant you holy fire Baptism and not only will you gain His immortality, but you will gain the ability to look upon his face.  You will see His face and what he really looks like.  You will be able to ask him anything that you want to and the truth will be revealed to you in his eyes.  You will gaze upon his eyes and the truth will be shown to you, whatever you want to know.  

The sparkly gold ball on this piece represents the Ark of the Covenant.  The entire presence of the Ark of the Covenant sits in this piece.  It is a spiritual replica that is the exact same as the physical version.  With this, you will receive any and all magic that has ever been associated with the Ark of the Covenant.  In fact, the ring that you are getting has come from the Ark of the Covenant.  You will gain the ability to call upon the Archangels.  You will gain the secret 24 forms of Magic of the 24 Elders that sit around the Throne of God. These are primordial forms of magic that will be revealed to you when using this piece.  

You will receive the Christ Consciousness, which is kept inside of the Ark of the Covenant, as well.  Your blood will be transformed into the Blood of Christ.  Your Divine 3rd Eye will be cracked open and you will be able to see into the seven layers of Heaven.  You'll be able to reach into Heaven with your 3rd Eye to locate the presence of the divine and white light magic that you want.  Through your 3rd Eye, you will internalize this magic and it will become your own.  

As if this was not enough, the apex of this piece has only just begun.  As I told you earlier this is the ring of the Chosen of Zion.  The person who wears it becomes the Chosen of Zion.  You will become God's chosen on Earth.  You will be the commander of his divine forces and you will speak with His authority.  On the day when the First Trumpet is blown you will undergo an angelic transformation.  Your mortal skin will be shed.  You will become a warrior angel of God-- the Chosen of Zion.   The physical Ark of the Covenant will be presented to you and all the powers within will become yours.  Your power and your might will rival that of the Archangel Michael.  Your knowledge will Rival that of Lucifer.  You become the First of Earth.  You will gain control of the cosmos and all the energies that live on Earth.  You will move over the waters like God did in the beginning and you will be able to command the universe just as he did.  What you say in your native tongue will be transcribed to Enochian and the Word will live in.  It will become you.  The power that you will receive will be unbelievable.  However, this is the icing on the cake so to speak and you will not experience it until after the First Trumpet is blown.  The other stuff will come to you through working with this piece.  The stuff in this paragraph alone will come later.  

This piece is no joke.  If you want power, then you want this piece.
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