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The Coming Storm & Given MIracle Power

The Coming Storm & Given MIracle Power

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Most of you who are aware of what’s going on know we are soon going to be within a war in the US. This war will be unlike any other with mandatory vaccinations, show us your papers and a lack of free speech.   Those of you who think it’s okay only do so because it’s not affecting you right now, but it will.  If you don't believe what we are saying, you can ask the people who are working at the border.  They were put under gag orders and that's facts.  

The United States has been using dark magic against anyone who doesn’t fall in line with the way of thinking they want you to have.  They have been developing psy-op magic since the mid-20th Century.  Project Montauk, MK-UTLRA, even portions of the Philadelphia Experiments are just a few.  In response to what the government secretly now believes to be bio-warfare, they have been experimenting with certain "vaccinations" that aren't really vaccinations at all.  

Well, they might fix what is wrong with you, but they are supplemented with other things.  The thing is, the common American isn't going to understand how certain ingredients of certain vaccinations work together to control your mind.  That's the point.  It's a serum that will allow them to us command words or phrases to get you to do what they want you to do.  You will be nothing but a slave.  Now, we know that word might "trigger" a few people, but unlike the world right now, we'd like to call it as we see it, no sacrifice the many for the few.

After having more than a few of you ask for a total warrior and blocking protection item we have created it. This item will improve your physical body at the time it is needed, no problems with your body, it will be just like a miracle and I do guarantee it no matter what issues you have.  It works sort of like a highly, highly, bolstered fight or flight response, except there is no flight, only fight.  We are talking about superhuman stamina, strenght, intellect, reflexes, and speed.  It even effects the senses in a way that heightens then and allows you to sense danger, sense the presence of others, and sense how others are moving.

There are of course stipulations, but just one. You can’t worship Satan.  He's a lying, cheating, heckling freak in his current form.  We don't condone that.  Dark items are fine, because you are in control of them, as are dual but you can’t worship that beast.  The reason why is because he always wants what is worst for you, despite what he might tell you.  Death means he has claimed your soul if you are worshipping him and he relishes in claiming another soul for his dark agenda. Dual magic items are fine because it is what most human souls including transformation ones are.  We are dual in nature, just with different variances.

When I speak of slaves I’m speaking of people who will have to do as the government says, to even go to a grocery store, for example.  Trust me, it’s coming. The ramifications of this are horrendous because it will affect your home, bank account and ability to get around. You ask how? Well if you can’t pay your taxes or buy gas , that’s how. It won’t be because you don’t have money but rather YOUR money won’t be accepted, because you have chosen NOT to line up like sheep to the slaughter.  We are in the very first waves of this now. I have a very special talent to prevent this kind of thing through what’s called Given Miracle Power. YOU will be given the power to create those miracles and protect your family, as well as know who to trust.  Of course, there are also the increased human abilities as mentioned above.

This power takes 7 days for me to instill and you would have to trust me because you will only see it when it’s really needed. It’s a big jump but I know it will be needed. I have used this before and I can tell you I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t have it.  I have managed to totally evade life-threatening situations with this piece.  I have also been heightened to the point where I have easily been able to overcome a number of would-be assailants that tried to "kidnap" me before.  It didn't end well for them.  I'm just saying that this Given Miracle Power instinct works.  I don’t push sales so it will be on the website for you to buy under Given Miracle Power.
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