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The Dead Mens' Gems-- Fiery Orange

The Dead Mens' Gems-- Fiery Orange

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Don’t let the fact that these rings are absolutely gorgeous fool you.  They are sterling silver with beautiful gems.  They are not only a prize to be had because of their resplendent beauty, but also because of the tremendous power that they hold.  The rings themselves are newer, but the gems were around during Nazi times.  They were used during the occult rituals of Hitler and Himmler at the Wewelsburg Castle, where the duo performed heinous acts of ritual cruelty upon their captives and used their life energy and their blood to create many powerful vessels that boasted many different arrays of magic.  

There was a collection of particularly powerful jewels that were created by Hitler and his associates.  They were made with the help of a defected British soldier who named them the” Dead Mens’ Gems.”  There’s a reason behind that and we will get to that in a second.  The gems themselves became part of a lost treasure called the “Nazi Gold Reserve.” 

Legend says that these reserves have not been found, but that is a trash legend.  The fact of the matter is that the god reserves, much like the Nazi army, are operated by and controlled by the Illuminati.  How else would raw gems have turned into these refined, beautiful rings?  

Now, I told you earlier that these rings were called the Dead Mens’ Gems.  That is because, in Wewelsburg Castle, Hitler et al. had developed magic that allowed them to summon any likeness that they wanted to.  They summoned incredibly powerful people into these gems, the presence of which were spread across the three of them equally.  

The likes of many powerful men-- and to be fair, women-- have been summoned into these jewels called the Dead Mens’ Gems.   John Dee’s Enochian magic, Ben Franklin’s blood alchemy, the Werewolf and Transformation magic of Jacques Roulet, the Hermetic magic of Hermes Trism, the Alchemy of Mary the Jewess, the magic of Abramelin the Magic, the White Light and Dark Sorcery of King Solomon and the power of his Djinn, the Ancient Knowledge of King Tut the Boy Prince, the White Sorcery of Seth and his Sethian followers, the Gnostic magic of Zoroaster, Krishna the Immortal and his knowledge of the Afterlife, even Marie Laveau and her knowledge of Voodoo.  This piece holds the essence of many powerful people who once walked the face of Earth.  Owning one of the three of them opens your doors to a world full of magic that you never knew was possible.  

To make this piece work you can simply connect with it and then meditate.  Your mind will travel and doors will be opened to you.  You will come into contact with characters from history that you’ve only ever heard about.  You will now experience their knowledge and their greatness.  You can talk about the magic of this person or that person, but until you truly experience it, you have not the slightest clue.  This piece allows you to experience all.  If there is something specific you are looking for, then you can shift your experience toward that magic by meditating upon it.  

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