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The Delta Wolves

The Delta Wolves

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When first looking at this piece it looks kind of like a vicious creature, but it's not.  Well, if you are on the wrong side of things, this creature is as vicious as vicious comes.  However, if you are doing the work of white light then you have nothing to worry about.  Even if you do dark magic this piece will not harm you.  This piece is specifically for the removal of demons.  

This entity is called a Demon-Eater.  I know that doesn't seem very original, but that's what they are called.  They are a type of white wolf that was designed by God not too long ago, in fact, considering how long God has been in existence.  They were created in the early 1900s.  It was necessary to create them because the precursor to the Hadron Collidor was built.  Don't let these people fool you into thinking that the finished product was only finished in 2008.  That might be the year they placed it in its current location, but I assure you that they've been working with stuff like that since the 1800s.   They simply left humanity-- literally-- in the dark.  

The Hadron Collider is said to be a machine that spins particles around at incredibly high rates and smashed them together.  The ultimate goal is supposedly to recreate the Big Bang.  They are playing God by trying to create reality the way they think our universe was created.  In the meantime, the people who created Hadron also had side projects.   One of those side project was the ability to open up a portal to Hell.  They have since succeeded with the Gotthard Tunnel, but there was an incident prior to that where they almost succeeded.  God didn't interfere the second time because he knows that the End Times are coming.  

The first time that the Hadron people attempted to open a portal to Hell, God quickly shut it, but not before several thousand demons were able to pour through the boundaries separating our two realities.  God's answer was to create an entity with the utmost white light power, with the cunning, agility, and speed to be able to track down demons and eradicate them.  He crafted them as white light Heaven hounds and calls them Deltas.  Within this presence, there is held a Delta.  This Delta was placed in this antique, sterling silver bell many, many years ago after the portal was closed and the demons eaten from existence, never to bother humankind again.  

This piece is about protection.  The Delta in this piece is trained to be loyal to its master.  In this case that is you.  It will eat all demons from wherever you are.  It will eat them up and digest them, vanquishing them from existence.  Some upper-level demons return by way of demonic reincarnation, but this white wolf will eat them all.  He will eat negativity, darkness, and evil from your life.  He will grant you extreme protection along your life's journey, whatever that may be.  He will protect things that aren't conventionally included in protection pieces, too.  For example, he will protect your wealth.  He will protect your love and your relationships.  He will protect your assets such as properties and other investments.  This wolf is just an all-around protective entity, which is what he was designed by God to be.

When ringing this piece you will ring the bell.  This will call forth the wolf, whereby you can give it instructions on how you need him to work for you.
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