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The Devil Went Down To Georgia (To Grant Some Fame & Fortune)

The Devil Went Down To Georgia (To Grant Some Fame & Fortune)

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The Devil may have gone down to Georgia, but I'm not so sure that it was to have a fiddle-playing contest with a guy named Johnny.  I don't know, maybe he did.  That's not what this piece is all about, though.  This piece is about a pact that was made between a witch that lived in the Georgia mountains and the Devil himself.  She conjured him to gain fame and fortune and I'll be darned if she didn't receive it.  Of course, she changed her name and backstory, claiming to be from somewhere more suitable for a star.

She was given a glass token as a reminder of her bond to the Devil.  Of course, when her time ran up she tried to get out of it, but then when you owe the Devil you pay the Devil your due.  The piece that cemented her bond to fame and fortune was left behind and rediscovered years later.  The thing is, it still holds the energies of the contract made between the young woman and the Devil.  The best part?  The person using it doesn't have to make any other kind of contract, at all, ever!!  

This sterling silver fiddle holds the powers of the glass piece that I told you about above.  we came into contact with it after it provided many means of fame and fortune to other people who have used it before.  Politicians, movie stars, singers, and all sorts of other famous people have used the powers in this piece to jumpstart the wealth and their careers.  We chose to pull the powers out of the glass piece and put it into this sterling silver fiddle to make a pun with the Devil went down to Georgia.  In all seriousness, this piece amazing.  It will grant you fame and fortune however you want it.  You can literally customize how the fame and fortune will come to you-- whether you want to be a famous actor or you want to be the next Pavarotti, this piece will grant you what you want. 

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