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The Divine Phallus & 13 PIeces of Osiris

The Divine Phallus & 13 PIeces of Osiris

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This piece delivers Egyptian magic, unlike anything we have offered before. This piece originates from the magic of the Osirian Obelisk. The Osirian Obelisk is a magic obelisk that Isis used to magically impregnate herself with the body of her husband Osiris.

To understand exactly what happened, you first need to understand that Osiris was once the immortal rule of Egypt. He ruled with his consort and sister, Isis. His younger brother Seth grew jealous of Osiris’ power and influence, eventually plotting against him, murdering him, cutting his body up into 14 pieces, and dispersing them across Egypt.

After having killed his brother, Seth was coronated as the new king and he ruled with his sister Nephthys. If you are sitting there, reading this, wondering if I just told you that all four of these reagents are related, the answer would be yes. Evidently, that’s how things were done back then. I don’t have control over it, I’m just telling the story.

Isis mourned and lamented over her husband for a very long time, until she was finally able to convincer her sister, Seth’s queen, to assister her in finding the fourteen pieces of her husband’s body. A very magical and drawn-out journey ensues. At the end of this journey, the divine sisters can find only 13 out of the 14 pieces of Osiris.

The missing piece of Osiris, unfound by his sisters, just so happens to be his phallus. Isis decides to improvise, creates a magical penis-obelisk for her husband, and brings him back to life with what is referred to as the power of her “erotic love.” In the process, Osiris inseminates his sister-wife with his magical penis-obelisk. A son, Horus, is born to the two of them. Eventually, Osiris leaves the physical world and travels to the Underworld, over which he becomes the ruler.

I know that parts of that story sound a little bit silly and it certainly felt funny saying them. However, this is how the story of Isis and Osiris goes, folks. You can’t make this stuff up. What I want to draw your attention to is something that is usually looked over by historians and even supernatural investigators themselves. It’s the fact that Osiris’ body was cut into 14 equal pieces by his brother Seth.

The number of pieces that Osiris was separated into is the number of ancient mystery magics Osiris ruled over, which is 13. The phallus was taken by Seth simply because he didn’t want his brother to be able to reproduce and birth an heir that could claim legitimacy to the throne. Thus there were actually fourteen pieces. However, note that isis only needed the 13 pieces to bring him back, having created a birthing tool for her husband. It was Osiris’ magic that needed to be reunited to create his rebirth. Isis used her own magic for the phallus.

This piece was made by the Osirian Phallus. When you wear this piece the Thirteen Mysteries of Osiris will be revealed to you. Again, these are thirteen ancient forms of magic that were presided over by Osiris, passed down to Horus. This is why Horus became so powerful. These Thirteen ancient mysteries that you will receive when receiving this piece and bonding with it are listed below

A Touch of Divine Immortality, which will give you immortality if you want it.

Celestial magic, allowing you to govern and harness the magic of the stars.

Powers of the Divine Temple-- allowing you to access the place where the Divine Family was created where Geb and Nut reside.

Magic of the Divine Bloodline-- the ability to communicate with and speak directly with the Divine Family for their powers/abilities

Control of the Divine Time Sequence, meaning the ability to control and manipulate time as you see fit.

Gather of Divine providence-- the ability to gather the divine wisdom that you desire.

Knowledge Divine Implements-- this will bring you the magic of things such as destiny

Protection of the Divine Mother, which will keep you safe from those who plot against you.

The Divinity of the Holy Light-- brings you the ability to connect the Cosmic lifeforce of Sirius.

Divine Manifestation-- the ability for you to manifest things into reality from your thought-forms, such as Osiris as able to to do.

Divine Presentation-- The ability to travel to any place you want to go in the universe

Zodiacal Control-- the ability to open up the gates of the Zodiac and the magic that is hidden within.

Opening of the Divine Eye-- a psychic awaking of epic and divine proportions.

*Not part of the original 13, but this piece will also give you the power of Osiris’ destiny as he exists in the Underworld-- to communicate with spirits and to receive the magic of the dead.

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