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The Djinn Caller & The Book of All Souls

The Djinn Caller & The Book of All Souls

SKU: 672133

This piece comes from a wizard who goes by the name the Djinn-caller.  He is an expert on ancient Phoenician magic, especially in regards to the Book of All Souls.  The Book of All Souls is an ancient Phoenician tablet (it's not actually a book) that gives specific instructions on how any magician can conjure any soul in existence.  The Djinn-caller technically has the ability to conjure the presence of many souls, but he specializes in djinn because they are his favorite type of entity.  

He is an ancient and immortal spirit, but this ring is one of his more contemporary pieces, despite the fact that it is an antique.  The piece is a ring in rose gold and sterling silver and boasts a very unique design.  You will not likely find another piece quite like this one.  As for the magic that is in this piece, it is extremely powerful.  It holds the authority to call forth and command any tpe of djinn that you would like.  

Keep in mind there are different types of djinn for different occasions.  There are djinn for wealth.  There are djinn for wishing.  There are djinn that grant love.  There are djinn that expedite magical curses and vengeance.  Whatever type of djinn you desire to conjure, this piece will allow you to do it and it will allow you to do it in such a way that the djinn is bound to you until you release it.  It must appear and it must do as you say.  It cannot double-cross you in any way shape or form.  
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