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The Dragon Piercer's Ring

The Dragon Piercer's Ring

SKU: 922108


This ring is sterling with a blood red stone.

This piece is for those of you who crave the magic of dragons but lack the ability to summon them yourself. This ring once belonged to the ancient Asian sorcerer know as the Dragon Piercer. He got that name for obvious reasons. The thing is that he didn’t believe in killing or slaying of the dragon. He only believed in acquire a small bit of the blood of the dragons he would find. This way, the dragon could mend itself and lie on.

The magic of the dragon would be preserved and it would live on to serve future generations. This differs from most types of draconic sorcery that dictates that you must kill a drag in order to keep its magic. The Dragon Piercer has determined otherwise, using small amounts of dragon blood and the ancient art of blood alchemy to replicate their magic.

The Dragon Piercer became well-known fr his new way of doing thighs. He’s dimply summo a dragon or travel to where the dragon was located. He’d sneak up on the entity and make a small incision with his dagger. Before the dragon could retaliate the Dragon Piercer retreated. He’d then use the blood that was on his dagger and his alchemy to replicate the presence of the dragon. He then kept this presence n a piece. The shape of this piece would change periodically as he liked to keep the presence of his piece unknown. This ring is sterling silver and a real red stone. It is the current form of the Dragon Piercers’ magical relic. It is also the last form it will ever take, as the immortal has finally ascended into the ethereal realm.

This ring will allow you to summon the spiritual presence of dozens of different types of dragons. From fire-breathing lizard-like dragons that guard treasures and bring you wealth to ancient Chinese dragons that bring wisdom, insight, and magic. From serpents of knowledge such as the jormungandr and Ouroboros to sneaky old dragons that can grant immortality like the Wyvern, this piece will allow you to connect with any type of dragon you want. You will be able to manifest their magic and will become your own.

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