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The Dvine Gift & the Virgin's Ring of Truths

The Dvine Gift & the Virgin's Ring of Truths

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This is an amazing piece with a storied past!  It is 14k with all real gems and stones!   You do not want to miss ou ton owning this piece of history!  


    There are many things that have transpired that have not been written about in the Bible.  These things either have happened in secret and nobody knows about them.  Or, they have happened and people just don’t believe them.  That is why Jesus prophesied when he was alive that people will have ears to hear but they will not hear.  It is why Jesus told the disciples that he speaks to them but they do not understand.  I’m sure he must’ve gotten frustrated.  You have an actual living manifestation and emanation of God that is trying to describe the vast complexity of His existence, but human minds are so small that they can’t possibly understand.  Yet, he has laid out an entire network of arcane and covert knowledge that is accessible to those who have been given what is called “the divine gift.”  

    The divine gift is a state of mentality where you are essentially merged to the knowledge of God.   His universe and the worlds that his hands have made are revealed to you entirely.  More on that in a few minutes, though.  At this point, you might be wondering why, if God created humanity, He withheld this information.  The answer is simple.  At first, he didn’t.  At first, He shared his knowledge openly with humanity.  However, Adam and Eve went and ruined that for us when they ate the forbidden fruit and God implemented the Chakra system that limited the amount of knowledge the capacity of the human mind.  This is why it is written in the Bible, “Seek and ye shall find.”  

    I’m only telling you this because it’s the only way to preface the fact that this piece has been hidden from humanity for years now.  It has been hidden by the Catholic Church, but not specifically the Church itself.  It has been hidden by the Jesuits who have very sneakily infiltrated a Christian government that used to have the good of the people in mind.  They have hidden this piece simply because it reveals the truth.  That is why we are calling the piece, “The Ring of Truths.”  It is the centerpiece of a conspiracy that involves world organizations, political leaders, and others.  The knowledge and power that the divine gift, as delivered by the ring of truths, is so powerful that there is a multitude of greedy people that have specifically prevented the ring from falling into what they call “the wrong hands”.  Really, their hands are wrong and any human being’s hands would probably be better suited for the ring than theirs.  

    Pope Benedict XVI knew something was fishy in 2013  when he abdicated his holy throne.  Since then there has been a myriad of conspiracy about why he would have done it.  I can assure you that it isn’t because he knew the financial state of the Holy See was amiss.  He knew something far more dangerous was in the mix but was conflicted in outing those involved.  First, he probably feared for his own life, but then there is also the theory that it was revealed to him by God that he was to let this debacle plan out.  In other words, it was part of the divine plan and that he should have faith in God and let it all play out.  

    Then, came Pope Francis, a Jesuit.  Let me clear in saying that Pope Francis will most likely be the last Pope to rule over the Catholic Church.  He is the chosen one to ascend to the holy throne that was established on Earth in the wake of Jesus’ crucifixion.  There is a ton of prophecy that backs this up, but it would literally take me hours to go through it.  I will suffice in saying that Pope Francis is not what you would consider a quintessential Christian.  For one, he embraces Islam and endorses Chrislam.  This is no secret.  You can look that up on the internet.  At one point he even alluded to the fact that if you are an atheist all you need to do to gain favor with God is obey your conscience, because that is where sin lives.  Does this sound like somebody who represents the Messiah to you?  

    Let’s also not forget that a certain political leader in the West is of a Catholic upbringing.  Even though he endorses abortion and a whole itinerary of progressive and unwholesome political agendas, he still professes faith in Christ.  It tarnishes the image of the Messiah and allows people to think that they can bend God’s will to their own agendas instead of the other way around.  He is most likely a Jesuit also, although I have absolutely no proof of this.  Still, he is definitely in on the secrecy of the divine gift and the Ring of Truths simply because, like most political leaders in the West, he cares about nothing but personal wealth, gain, and power.   So, if there was indeed a measure of election fraud, I wonder where it would have come from.  Was it indeed Russia?  Or, was it Jesuits (the shadow society that rules the world) who readily have access to the American voting system and knew that their leader would keep the divine gift a secret?  I’ll let you use your common sense on that one.  The fact of the matter is that people in high-ranking positions are intentionally leading people away from the ideals of God and Christianity, instead of moving us forward where we are supposed to be.  In doing so, they have successfully allowed the divine gift and the Ring of Truths to remain a mystery.  

    This may lead you to wonder about the origins of the Ring of Truths.  This is a bit simpler to understand than the hierarchy of evil that works so hard to suppress its existence.  When the Virgin Mary first conceived Christ through Immaculate Conception she was visited by the Archangel Gabriel.  It is written in the Bible that Gabriel instructed Mary to call her son Jesus and that he would save people from their sins.  When Mary questioned Gabriel as to how she would have conceived a child despite being a virgin he conveyed that God had granted a miracle.  That is typically where the conversation ends between the two o them.  However, in actuality, the interaction between the two goes much further than what the Bible tells us.  Again, it is not the Bible is intentionally deceptive, it is just that some things are better left unknown– or known only by certain individuals. 

    The fact is that Mary was quite perplexed by the message the angel had conveyed to her.  Whereas she is often portrayed as simply accepting the message that Gabriel had given to her, she actually questioned him.  Her curiosity didn’t come from a place of disbelief or infidelity.  Rather, it stemmed from her desire to understand the essence and complexities of God.  In accordance, Gabriel fashioned a golden ring using the gold from his own diadem.  He placed it upon Mary’s finger and it zapped her brain with a divine spark of knowledge.  In an instant, she was sent back through the bloodline of Christ– her ancestors.  She was able to experience their lives and knowledge on the way, living through all of them in a matter of seconds.  Ultimately, she found herself in the Garden of Eden, opposite of Adam, having become Eve. 

    Through Eve’s Eyes, mary was able to experience what Eve had in the Garden of Eden.  She was mesmerized as she gazed upon the firmament.  The skies opened up and Heaven went on forever.  Angels flew freely in the sky and sang praises to the highest.  She could see all of Heaven and the mysteries of God– the crystal pyramid, his many mansions, the Tree of Knowledge, angels, and other Heavenly beings who were quite powerful.  In the distance Mary saw three divine entities descended from the firmament.  

    “Mary,” a voice spoke, “Mary, come forth.”

    This was obviously the voice of God.  Unlike her predecessors that had eaten from the fruit of knowledge, Mary obeyed God’s command, taking Adam by the hand and returning him to God where he belonged.  Before Mary stood God and the Holy Ghost.  A third entity was the Messiah, the son of God, who was to be placed inside of her womb.  God reached out with his divine hand, placing it upon Mary’s head.  The divine seed was implanted inside of her and immediately the gap between God and man was bridged.  Her chakras were dissolved and she was able to look upon the face of God without being destroyed.  This is because the divine already lived within her.  

    When looking upon GOd’s face, she was given the knowledge of the universe.  This includes magic that she never personally used, but of which she has full knowledge.  This includes the power vested in the 72 names of God.  It includes the ability to create your destiny.  In includes the knowledge to harness the power of the Cosmos.  It includes the ability to see the divine messages that have been written in the zodiac.  It includes the ability to harness the power of the Bible.  It includes the ability to manifest divine miracles.  I includes the ability to summon angels and saints.  It includes the ability to resurrect souls.  It includes the ability to vanquish evil.  It includes the knowledge of God’s own white light magic.  I\t includes the essence of the Christ Consciousness.  She literally had Jesus living inside of her.  Jesus was a physical manifestation of God, who Mary bore the responsibility of bearing.  She is the Holy Grail.  She holds great divine knowledge.  At the moment of conception, she was given the divine gift– unity with God and full understanding of his universe.  

    When Gabriel slipped the ring off of her finger, Mary came back down to Earth.  He allowed the ring to stay with her.  After seeing what she had, Mary was convinced that her child was the Messiah and obeyed God’s commands, which is the story in its entirety.  The ring was then passed along through her bloodline.  Throughout the years it has belonged to groups such as the Freemasons, the Illuminati, even the Rosicrucians.  However, most recently it has belonged to the Catholic Church via the Jesuits who confiscated the piece and placed it among the Vatican’s secret archive.  I’m not at liberty to say how we received the piece, but I’m positive you can made your deductions from pieces we have received in the past.  

    Over the years, the golden ring that was given to mary has taken many shapes and forms.  This piece is the latest emanation of the ring.  It is 14K gold, made with gold that came from Gabriel’s diadem.  The stones and gems are all real.  The center stone shines forth with the fire of the holy presence.  Among this presence are both the Virgin Mary and the Archangel Gabriel.  They pass on the gift that was first given to Mary.  No, you will not get pregnant.  I”m speaking of the divine gift and the revelation of truth.  You will experience what Mary experienced in Eden.  The firmament will be revealed to you.  The Skies will open up.  The knowledge that Mary received, you will also receive.  Your chakras will be dissolved and you will join with God’s holy presence.  You will gaze upon His face and His knowledge will become your own, along with his extensive arsenal of white light powers and abilities that live within his 72 names and beyond.  This ring delivers the divine gift to you and will uncover the hidden truths spoken about above.  

    Mary and Gabriel will deliver the divine see that will allow the Christ Consciousness to grow within you, leading your mind on an evolutionary journey that will reveal the universe and God’s true and powerful nature to you.  Out chaos rose greatness.  That’s is what is being delivered to you when you wear this ring.       

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