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The Elderess of Phrygia

The Elderess of Phrygia

SKU: 7262127


We call this piece the Phrigai Grail.  Many people know about the oracles.  They know that they can foresee the future and they know that they can advise them on what to do. Well, they did in the ancient past, anyway.  However, the spirits and souls of all the past Oracles are still alive in a special realm of their own and they are very active.  Not only are they able to see the future, but they are able to change the future.  On top of that through their ascension into the immortal realms, they have also become very powerful granteresses.  

This piece holds the spirit of an immortal that is called the Elderess of Phrygia.  She is the eldest and first Oracle of Phrygia.  She has become an immortal granteress.  She has the ability to grant whatever you ask of her.  The only thing that she requires is a little piece of you.  It could be a nail clipping or a strand of hair.  It could be a drop of saliva or a drop of blood.  As long as what you are offering holds your essence she will be able to grant things for you.  Additionally, she is able to see your future, which she will show you.  She is also able to change your future, as this is one of the many gifts that she had while she was on Earth.  

Specific instructions on how to use this piece can be obtained by sending an email to upon purchase.  This piece is sterling Silver.  

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