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The Endless and the Readers of the Way

The Endless and the Readers of the Way

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    Dee Dee


    You would think that they were normal people if you were on the outside looking in.  One of them was a bakeshop owner.  One was a professor.  Another was a librarian.  One was a flight attendant.  They came from all over the world.  They each lived very different lives.  They were united by one commonality.  This commonality was called, “the Way.”  


    Nobody really quite knows what, “the Way,” is.  They know that it is an all-source of magic.  It is the presence of every single magic that you could possibly imagine.  Nobody knows where the Way has come from and nobody knows why the Way exists.  It simply exists and is not to be questioned. 


    More specifically, the Way is a book.  It isn’t a book like you have every experience.  It is a book made out of human skin.  It is not evil like some of the books made out of human vellum.  It is simply made out of human skin because it is the history of human magic that is contained within.  


    The strangers that I’ve told you about meet annually for something called the Reading of the Way.  This is a ritual pomp and circumstance during which the eldest member of the group of strangers reads the Way.  Nobody knows who writes it, but one thing is known for sure.  Once the Way is read aloud, whatever is ready is sure to come to pass.  


    Since the beginning of time, the group of strangers has been meeting to read the Way.  They have begun calling themselves the Readers of the Way.  This is for obvious reasons that I’ve just discussed with you.  I’m not suggesting that they are immortal by saying that they have been meeting since the beginning of time, only that the group has existed since the beginning of time.  


    During their annual meeting, the eldest of the readers reads the Way.  It is a summation of all powers that have ever existed on Earth.  It is a telling of all the powers that currently exist on Earth.  It is a foreshadowing of what will come to Earth in the following.  Everything from the magic of the ancient Indian Yogis to the ancient Sumerians is there.  It includes ancient Atlantean magic.  A chronicle of all Egyptian history and the magic that has come to pass is written within.  Every type of magic is accounted for and bound in the book called the Way.  It is where the magic lives.  


    We only know because one of the members of the Readers of the Way came forth to us.  They told us about the ritual that happens each year, which is the Reading of the Way.  By this person’s account, the Way is read each year as a means to preserve and reinstate all of the magic that has transpired and to renew all the magic that is.  A portion of the Way is dedicated to the future and is read aloud as a means to introduce new magic into creation.  


    This person that told us about the Way and the Reading of the Way volunteered to act as a host body.  In doing so, it allowed Deedee and I to observe through their body while they attended the ritual.  Nobody else knew that we were also present because we used cloaking magic.  The Readers of the Way are born as such.  They begin receiving visions of magic as they age.  They are one day approached by one of the elder Readers of the Way and their destiny is revealed to them.  To refuse their destiny means sudden death.  


    By traveling inside of the host's body we were able to gain a bird’ eye view of the ritual.  As I mentioned before it is very pomp and circumstance.  They are adorned in robes and all sorts of ceremonial garb.  Passages are read and music is played.  Chants are repeated.  Then, at the apex of the ritual, the eldest member of the way is called to the pulpit.


    The eldest slices their palms, allowing their blood to drip on the Way.  There comes a great trembling and then the book is opened.  Upon the opening of the Way, all time stands still.  Clouds stop moving.  If it's raining, the drops of water stop in midair.  For the time being the universe remains silent and still.  The eldest begins reading the Way from the very beginning.  We were not allowed to remember the faces that we saw while at the ritual, but our source tells us the annual Reading of the Way takes place inside an underground temple in London.  In addition to the strangers that we told you about, members of the Readers of the Way also include members of the royal family who are all connected to this ritual in some way shape, or fashion.  


    As the eldest reads the Way holograms are projected from the book.  Those in attendance get to experience all that has ever happened and every magic that has ever come to pass in full detail.  The magic is reinstated into history and it becomes part of the collective conscious of the Readers of the Way.  The lives and then re-lives inside of them each time they experience the reading of the way.  They are growing in power and knowledge year after year.  They know that one day it will be their turn to read the Way.  They also get to practice magic in their daily lives.  


    Finally, as the eldest is done reading the Way there comes a great flame from within the book that consumes the reader.  Their soul is extracted from their body.  Their knowledge is fed back into the Way and where they once stood is nothing but an empty robe (which is not consumed by the flame) and a pile of ashes.


    A new person is then brought in front of the gathered Readers.  The ashed of the eldest is made into an elixir using wine.  The person that has been brought in, which in this case was barely an adult, is told to drink the ashes.  The robe of the eldest is then presented to the new initiate.  This person thereby becomes the newest member of the Readers of the Way.  There are 22 members of the Readers of the Way, not including the members of the British Royal family.  Again, we know they are connected to this whole situation somehow, but we aren’t sure exactly.    


    By now you might be wondering what this has to do with the item that we are offering.  Before I told you that nobody knows who writes the Way.  This is true, but I’ve left something out entirely.  I did this on purpose because I wanted to reserve this part for the final moments.  There is one part of the ceremony that is called the Writing of the Way.  The Writing of the Way is done by an individual who is both robed and completely masked.  This person is referred to simply as the Endless.  The Endless is the personification of the Way.  He is pure knowledge and rewrites the way each year before its reading.  


    What we have is an antique piece that was used during the Writing of the Way.  This piece is alive.  It has to be because as the Endless writes, this piece that he uses to write brings what he is writing into life.  This piece has a life of its own and while it is here with us right now, it exists in the past, it exists in the present, and it exists in the future all at once.  I know that is hard for any human to wrap their mind around.  For lifeforms, such as this one, that is eternal, they understand there is no such thing as time.  And so, they exist without boundaries they exist in all stages of what humans refer to as time.  


    All parts of this ceremony work together to preserve the Way and the existence of all magic.  The Way is the book.  The Endless is the one who writes the Way, but is also the personification of the Way.  The tool used by the Endless to write the Way holds the life-essence that brings the Way into existence.  They are all three part of a trinity that is entirely different, but similar to the Holy Trinity and the way it is comprised.  They work together to assure that magic remains powerful and everlasting.  The only thing that changes from year to year is the tool that is used by the Endless to record the Way.  There is a new tool that is used every year and the old ones are kept.  This is necessary in case an emergency amendment to the way ever needs to be made, if somethinging needs to be added, or if something needs to be subtracted.  


    What we have is one of the tools that was used by the Endless to write the Way very many years ago.  We believe that it is made out of celluloid and it is definitely an antique.  You will notice that a pencil comes out of the top, which is in the shape of a man.  The man represents the Endless.  The pencil is obviously for writing.  When you use this piece you will be able to use it in two different ways.  


    The first way you will use this piece is by gaining access to the Endless.  Remember, the Endless is the personification of the Way.  The Way is the endless knowledge and presence of all magic.  You will be able to hold actual conversations with this piece because it is alive.  You will speak telepathically with the Endless.  Since nobody knows who he is and he chooses not to reveal himself, you will not see his face.  Nor, will you hear his voice.  However, you will have conversations and communicate with him in telepathic waves.   You can ask for any knowledge whatsoever and it will be given to you.  You can ask for the acquisition of magic and he will deliver it to you,  Different magic takes different amounts of time to acquire, but he has the ability to send you any magic that you ask for and as long you have this piece he will deliver it to you. 


    This piece can also be used to amend reality.  In order to do this, you must use the pencil that comes out of the top of this piece.  In order to amend reality, you write down what you wish to change about reality and how you want it to happen.  You will write this on any sheet of paper and then you will burn that paper.  This will send your intentions into the universe.  Reality will be altered and amended as you have written.  Please take into consideration, depending on what you have written it could take some time.  Yes, when the Endless writes things they are pretty much instantaneous, but you are not the Endless.  You can use this power to amend the past, the present, or the future.     


    The final way that you can use this piece is to work with the Endless to develop new types of magic.  You will do this by speaking to him in the telepathic form I told you about earlier. You will convey what type or types of magic you desire to create to the Endless.  He will create them.  They will either be a written amendment of the Way.  Or, they will simply be written at the next Reading of the Way. 


    This piece is incredibly, incredibly powerful.  It essentially allows you to act as a creator god by dictating what is written and/or amended into reality.  It also reveals all there is to ever know about magic, how to use it, what to use it for, and how to acquire it.  There is nothing omitted from the presence of the Way.  That’s simply how existence works.  

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