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The Essence of Man:  Waves of Testosterone and power

The Essence of Man: Waves of Testosterone and power

SKU: 7262102


We call this piece waves of testosterone and power.  There is a good reason for this.  This solid sterling silver piece was created by Bacchus as a backup for his own-- shall we call it-- mojo.  I really hate that word, because it reminds me of that Austin Powers movie with Mike Myes, but that's really the only word that comes to mind at the time.

The thing I that other gods of the pantheon were jealous of Bacchus enhance sexual capabilities and conspired against him to diminish them.  In turn, Bacchus created a few pieces that held his, shall we say, "essence," (I like that better!).  This is one of those pieces.  When you wear this piece you become the ultimate man!  

First of all, yes this piece will help you grow your man tool if that is what you are interested in, but honestly, it doesn't have to.  It's not about the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean. This piece will give you bursts of testosterone that will allow you to seduce one into joining you in the bed, first,  and foremost.  

Then, once you have them where you want them, this piece gives you the ability to laster longer, to go deeper, to go harder, it makes the sex ad orgasms feel amazing.  In fact, the entirety of sex will feel like one giant orgasm.  this will be true for both you and your partner.  

At the peak of sex, during your orgasm, time will stand still and you will be able to communicate with Bacchus.  After all, the energetic power of orgasm and sex, in general, opens many doors.  This particular door will be open to Bacchus, who is a deity and can grant you the magic that is used by the gods.  All you are will be able to grant the magic to you in various

When not using this piece for superior sexual ability this piece will provide you many other manly attributes ad characteristics such as increased strength increased, agility, speed, etc.  

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