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The Esztergom Living Relic-- One of Our Living Pieces

The Esztergom Living Relic-- One of Our Living Pieces

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11-9-21We told you that we have some really powerful pieces that are coming This piece is one of our living relics. This piece is alive with the divine power of God.. It holds the essence of His existence and will grant you a massive amount of power. This piece is not just an antique, but it was created by the hand f God. It does not just exist, but it is alive. It has a mind of its own and living with the powers of holy magic that have been placed into it. Please read on to get all of the juicy details.Continued Below


    In an attempt to quash communism, the Vatican state set up alliances with different organizations. They will not ever admit to it, but they did. These organizations were secret societies, governmental intelligence agencies, and organized crime agencies such as the Mob.

    They have maintained these ties ever since, using them to traffick the massive wealth of metaphysical magic that they have in their secret archive. For instance, they have trafficked some of their most powerful pieces to other areas of the world, so that way they could hide them from intruders that managed to infiltrate their archive.

    One of their hiding places, and where this piece has come from is South America. This is due to the fact that the Vatican has forged an alliance with the leftover members of the Nazi party and leaders of the defunct SS and Gestapo. More on this in a little bit.

    Our story actually starts with one Al Carone, who was a man that somehow managed to balance his many affiliations. He was a detective in the NYPD but that didn't deter him from striking it rich within the Genovese Crime Family. He rubbed elbows with all the famous mobsters of his day including the likes of Vito Genovese, Sam Giancana, Santos Trafficante, Joe Colombo, and Pauley Castellano among others.

    This was perfect because one of Carone's main jobs at the CIA was protecting shipments of drugs that were sent from the CIA to the various crime rings in New York City. He became so close with these mobsters that he considered the family, even telling his own daughter that they were her uncles. Carone died under secret circumstances in 1985 after a secret mission to Mexico.

    Meanwhile, another man that Carone was associated with, Bill Casey, was director of the CIA under the Reagan administration. He also had ties to the Mob. Casey was a part of the OSS during WWII and later became chairman of the SEC, which oversees investing in the United States. Casey used Carone as a cutout to pass insider information to mob boss Pauley Castellano.

    What does all this have to do with magic? Well, I'm getting to that part. While he was still alive, his friend Bill Casey was able to secure Carone a position as a covert operative. This was after serving as a Full Colonel in the US Army where he operated the CIC (counter-intelligence corp). That's not it. Carone was a Grand Knight in the Sovereign Military Order of Malta-- often stylized simply as the Knights of Malta.

    The Knights of Malta have long been considered to be the secret military arm of the Vatican. They are considered a sovereign states and are treated as such. They even have the authority to issue their own passports accordingly. In more recent years, the Knights of Malta have acted as a funding conduit, servicing the CIA. It also acts as a black market gold and money laundry for the CIA.

    For instance, during the ousting of the USSR, Russia's gold reserve, which was valued at over 2,000 metric tons, just disappeared. It vanished in 1991 and has not been able to be found since. The Knights have also long been considered to be the Vatican's intelligence agency. I'm sure if you use your imagination you'll be able to figure out what happened and who is responsible.

    Many of the CIA's members were Knights of Malta, including Bill Casey who is the one who recruited Al Carone. Former NATO General and later US Secretary of State Alexander Haig is also a member of the Knights of Malta. General Vernon Walters, the former Deputy Director of the CIA under Geoge Bush and the former infamous leader of the OSs during WWII "wild" Bill Donovan, eventual Chief of Intelligence of the CIA James Angleton, and John McCone, another prominent member of the CIA, were all associated with Malta Knighthood.

    The list is seemingly endless, but the name that raises the most eyebrows on that list is one Reinhard Gehlen. He was the former Nazi intelligence expert. He was recruited by the CIA in 1946 after the war was over. He was appointed by the CIA to run something known as the Gehlen Org. This shadow agency is a secret, German-based arm of the CIA composed solely of former SS and Gestapo members. Many of these members, including Klaus Barbie, were wanted for war crimes.

    In terms of enemies and allies, one very solid ally to the Knights of Malta was one Opus Dei. Opus Dei is an extremely conservative faction of the Vatican. While their public image is that they are do-gooders who help humanity, they are secretly involved in a swath of dark political and financial goings-on-- some of the vilest known to man.

    One of these cover operations was known as Project Amadeus, which commenced in 1944. Project Amadeus was blanketed under the Operation Sunrise negotiations that happened between Allen Dulles and Karl Wolff. Dulles was an OSS senior wartime official who later became head of the CIA. Wolff was an SS General. Their negotiations established a series of evacuation routes and amnesty for a laundry list of SS and Gestapo forces. This was in exchange for allegiance during a separate covert operation in which the United States was partnered with Opus Dei and the Vatican. This was a secret battle that was planned to take down the menacing communist party in the USSR, otherwise known as the Cold War.

    As a result of the agreement between Wolff and Dulles, the Vatican began running ratlines between Europe and other places in the world, particularly South America. These ratlines allowed forming Nazi soldiers to escape capture. They include the likes of Franz Stangl, commandant at Treblinka Extermination Camp, Gustav Wagner, who ran the Sobibor Death Camp, Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the Holocaust, and the "white angel", Joseph Mengele, himself.

    Al Carone was obviously closely associated with the Knights of Malta. He was also closely associated with Opus Dei and Project Amadeus. He helped orchestrate and establish the ratlines that extended, not only from Europe to South America but also from the United States into Central and South America. Other than the escape of SS and Gestapo members, the ratlines also served as a means of smuggling narcotics and something even greater.

    Remember earlier when I told you that the Vatican was smuggling powerful pieces of magic? These also traveled along the ratlines, making their way to the United States. Some of them stayed here. Others went to South America or Central America. Such was the case with this piece that we are offering.

    This piece was first acquired by Nazi Germany during their occupation of Hungary in 1944, called Operation Margarethe. The item is incredibly old and was hidden in the Basilica of Esztergom in Hungary. As we have all told you, the Nazi Party is obsessed with the supernatural and the occult. As such, they were too thrilled to acquire this piece. The piece is an antique and is extremely old. It is over 100 years old. It was being fostered in Hungary by the Priory of Sion after fears of a German invasion. It did them little good as somebody pulled a major Judas in order to gain the favor of the Fuhrer.

    The piece was created by God himself, as he was called to Earth by the Priory of Sion. This was done during something called an Occupation Ceremony. This is a white light ceremony, during which a participant allows the body to be occupied by a higher power-- in this case it was God. This piece was created out of clay and white light alchemy transformed it into some kind of metal. It could be bronze, but we aren't 100% sure of that. All we know is that it's well over 100 years old.

    You will see that the face on this piece is a lion and that represents Jesus, who was called the Lion of Judah. The stones on this piece are stones off of God's own robe, shrunken down to fit onto this item. Each of the tones holds a secret white light knowledge. We will discuss this in just a second. The Lion in the Middle represents Jesus. When you use this piece the lion will not only speak to you, but it will also speak miracles into existence for you.

    As for the stones from the God's robe, they each hold the knowledge of something different, as we are about to go over. The first stone holds the magical knowledge of the Ark of the Covenant. This includes not only the secret magic that was placed in the Ark by Moses, but also the secret magic that the Ark has collected along the way. This piece is so powerful that a spirit-based replica of the Ark of the Covenant will appear within your mind that you will be able to search in astral form. The magic you find there will become your own.

    During the testing of this piece, one tester was able to travel to the Ark of the Covenant within her mind. She was greeted by the cherubim, who she told us were the cherubim seated atop the original Ark. Her ark is not simply an Ark, but it is a vessel that carries an entire alternate reality. The angels led her to this alternate reality where she was able to see what is called the Divine Record. This is a collection of every single power or magic that has ever been used by God. She brought back with her the ability to raise people from the dead.

    The second stone brings you the powers of the Holy Grail. This allows you to receive the body and the blood of Jesus Christ. This will give you miraculous knowledge. This is the knowledge of Christ as he traveled the world in what is known as his Lost Years, as well as all of the knowledge given to him by God. This piece also gives you immortality because that is precisely what the blood of Jesus is.

    A male tester that tested this piece used this magic to reveal the Lost Years of Christ. This piece allowed him to travel with Christ and experience what he saw, felt, and learned. It opened him up to receive the bloodline of Christ, which holds knowledge He was able to use this divine knowledge to create an army of angels that he sent out into the world to battle the evil that exists. He was offered immortality, but declined.

    The third stone gives you physical transcension. This will allow you to walk through the seven layers of Heaven in your physical form. This ability takes a little bit longer to accomplish than the other ones on the list simply because it is literally a physical transcend into the highest place of divinity known to existence. Essentially, this piece will bring ascension to you the same way it was experienced by the Saints and by Jesus himself. You will walk through Heaven, experience its existence, and acquire any of the rich, abundant magic that you find there.

    I personally tested this aspect of the piece. I was able to walk through the realms of Heaven in my human form, flesh, and bone. I'm used to astral traveling there, but this was an entirely different experience. It is indescribable, but I feel like I have been marked with symbols of God and will never be the same. While I was traveling in Heaven, I came across a place called the Tomb of Minds. In this place, there were copies of the minds of each of the Patriarchs-- Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc. I was able to merge their minds with my own and as a result, the Patriarchs speak to me and appear to me. They share with me the golden knowledge that has been given to them.

    The fourth stone brings the magic of the Holy of Holies in Carnal form. This allows you to create a Holy of Holies within your own flesh and within your own mind. The Holy of Holies was the place within the Temple where the priests would go. God would dwell within. It was the place on Earth that God stood when he looked out into the darkness and created the Earth. With this magic, God will reside within a Holy of Holies that will be created within your soul. He will speak to you the way he speaks to his angels in Heaven. He will create white light magic for you simply by speaking it into existence.

    Deedee tested the piece and use this aspect of it during her testing. She said that it definitely invited God into her while she was using it. She said that while using this piece she wasn't allowed to look upon the face of God, but she could see the Face of God within her mind. The face was resplendent and beautiful. she said it was the existence of all things in a single spot-- every place, every emotion, every thought, every feeling, everything. She said it was a little overwhelming, but it allowed her to understand what it meant to be divine. It opened her mind and prepared her to receive the Lord anytime. It has also marked her with a holiness that serves her with eternal protection from evil and darkness.

    The fifth stone brings you the power of Divina Mortalitas. This is what is hidden in the painting "The Creation of Adam." He was a freemason and that is a whole story in itself, but we were born in the image of God, to be like Him on Earth. All we need to do is connect to God and the gap will be bridged. We will be able to live on Earth as God lives in Heaven-- surrounded by a constant source of white light energy that allows you to do whatever it is you want to do. It will allow you to create, it can grant you divine abundance, it allows you to become a divine entity within your mortal body. It will allow you to truly exist in God's image.

    During testing, the tester that experienced the Divina Mortalitas said that it was unlike anything he had ever experienced. It gave him a brand new body. He was quicker, he was stronger, and he comprehended things about life that he never even knew were possible. He said that with the knowledge and becoming a divine mortal, he was able to look at things and just know about them. He was able to think of magic and his mind just knew how to create what he wanted to be created. It was enlightenment and illumination to the max and a state of inner peace and harmony that is indescribable.

    The Sixth Stone brings with the power of the Divine Hand. This is the Hand of Destiny that has created time, existence, and eternity as we know it. With this power, you will be able to create a metamorphosis that will alter your life into anything that you want it to be. This is not a transformation, rather it is a morphing of your reality using the same creationary power that God used to create the universe and everything in it. You can be what you want to be, exist as you choose to exist, and experience what you wish to experience. That choice is up to you.

    Finally, we have this magic. The person who tested this magical portion of the piece said she had a past that she wasn't particularly proud of. She wanted to erase the repercussions of what she had done, because is genuinely a good person, but she's had a few brush-ups along the way. She said she was able to completely remodel the path she was traveling. This piece has helped her overcome obstacles and knock down barriers that she was facing in her life. She says that this is a really good piece to open doors in your life. It's also a really good piece to be able to create realities for you. She said she used this piece to bring herself wealth by beginning with cryptocurrency investing. Currently, she has acquired well over a million dollars in doing so.

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