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The Eye of the Baba Yaga

The Eye of the Baba Yaga

SKU: 7262116

This piece is sterling silver and  it is an antique!  It's very powerful! 

If witches are your kind of creepy, this piece is a must-have for you.  This piece once belonged to the Baba Yaga.  It is debated as to exactly what the Baba Yaga is.  Is it a beast, a troll, a hag?  Yes.  It’s all of those things.  It’s an ancient witch-type entity that exists in the thick of the forest.  It only comes out every so often to hunt human prey that it needs for blood to perform certain rituals and cast certain spells.  While in the midst of the public, the Baba Yaga can take the appearance of a beautiful woman to lure people to their death.  She’s pretty ruthless, though.  She prefers men to women, that way they will put up a good fight before she gets them back to her domain.  The Baba Yaga is incredibly strong and she comes from an ancestral line of witches that existed before the Earth was even formed-- as performs that we're able to tap into the Arcana and manipulate the Cosmos to get what they wanted.  

In fact, all of this information-- the original book of witchcraft and magic, has been written down in runes and symbols in an esoteric and hidden language that only the Baba Yaga knows how to read.  It’s called the Book of Baba Yaga and I’ll keep it sweet and simple in saying that many have tried and many have died trying to get a glimpse of the magic within this archaic book of magic.  The book is pretty gruesome in appearance.  It is made out of pages that are thin human vellum.  It is bound in thicker human skin. It has an eye affixed to the front of the book that can close and open at its own free will.  

The eye on the front of the book is known as the Eye of Baba Yaga.  When looking through the eye that has been affixed to the book, you can peer into the soul of the book.  The book is a living book of magic that adds to itself constantly.  It records the magic of the universe and it adds new magic as it is created.  When peering into the soul of the book of Baba Yaga you will receive a third eye awakening that will accommodate an enlargement of the conscious so you can fit all of the newfound magic, power, and spells.  

We call this piece also the Eye of Baba Yaga.  This is because it holds the powers and magic of the Eye of Baba Yaga.  When you wear this piece you will receive a psychic connection to the Book of Baba Yaga.  Its ancient magic and knowledge will become your own.  Your wisdom, knowledge, and magic will then continue to grow and expand as the ancient book also grows.  This is the knowledge of magic and spells since the beginning of time.  They will be revealed to you, as you will be able to search within yourself for whatever it is you are looking for.
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