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The Four Dragon Kings

The Four Dragon Kings

SKU: 5262110


If you are into Asian magic, specifically dragon magic, then this is the piece for you.  We discovered this piece at an auction that we go to.  It wasn't the underground auction in Florida, it was a different one that we go to in Virginia.  It's not as big as the one in Florida, because only select people are allowed there-- like even more select than the Black Bazaar.  

Anyway, this piece is particularly powerful because it holds the presence of four ancient deities that are known as the Four Dragon Kings.  They are the Azure Dragon, the Red Dragon, the Black Dragon, and the White Dragon.  These dragon gods are not actually dragons, but they are highly enlightened spiritual essences.  They are the equivalencies of serpents of knowledge in the West.  They represent an elevated state of mind that allowed them to connect to the cosmos, the divine, and the rest of the universe to gather knowledge to teach the human race.  

This piece is Siam Sterling.  It is an antique and it is a rare piece.  More than that, this piece is a dragon boat that will guide the spirits of the Dragon Kings to you.  The four Dragon Kings will elevate your mind allowing you to experience a full awakening of psychic senses.  This is necessary for the next phase of what this piece will do for you.  

With this piece, you will be psychically linked to the Four Dragon Kings, as if your a 5th Dragon King (or Queen).  You'll be elevated to their level.  You will gain the magic and the knowledge of the cosmos, you will gain the magic of the ancient Orient, you gain wealth, you gain the magic of the Chinese zodiac.  I mean, these dragons guard the four cardinal directions, so when you gain the powers of the gate they can open, you gain an awful lot.  You can pretty much ask for whatever you want and they will help you find it.  
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