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The Genesis Key

The Genesis Key

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    Through faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things that are seen were not made of things that do appear.

    Hebrews 11:3

    This verse of the Bible is so important because it expresses certainty in what so many people have questioned in their lifetime.  How many times have you heard somebody ask, "Well if God made the rest of existence, how come it isn't mentioned in the Bible?"  

    The truth is that it is mentioned in the Bible.  They just haven't been reading it right.  Moreover, it hasn't been mentioned in the Bible in any type of substantiality because it is not important.  God's grace is for humanity.  The rest of what he has created is a mystery because it is not of importance to us.  

    However, since  God's great wisdom of all creation has been promised to be revealed to those who seek it-- the words of the Bible have precariously locked in secret scriptures that will reveal the entirely and the enormity of what is called God's Great Expanse.

    The presence of God's Great Expanse was taught in the secret teachings of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.  As you know he would go on to found the Jesuit Order.  The Jesuit Order has become apostate, this much is true, but the teachings of Saint Ignatius are true and they are golden.  

    One such secret teaching involves something called the Genesis Key.  Obviously hidden amongst the words of the Book of Genesis, the Genesis Key is not readily available to those who do not understand.  It is not available for those who can not use the words that were written in the Bible and decipher the secret annals of history that have been recorded.  

    In the Book of Genesis, written among the words of the creation story is a phrase that contains sacred pentameter and numerology.  It has the ability to open something called the Genesis Key.  The Genesis Key is a power that has been created by God that allows humans to experience all that he has created.  It is also called the Genesis Key because it will allow you to leave your body to become other forms of existence.  This will allow you to blossom with knowledge from unknown places.  

    In the 1500s Ignatius was visited by an angel named Jophiel.  Jophiel is the keeper of the Sacred Cabal, which is the wisdom of God.  Through divine alchemy of the mind, Jophiel transformed Saint Ignatius into somebody who had "eyes to see and ears to hear," as written in the Bible.  

    This New transformation gave Ignatius the ability to retrieve the Genesis Key.  This has revealed the entirety of God's creation for Ignatius who documented it secretly, passing that information and wisdom down to the Jesuits for safekeeping.  Well, they have bastardized his knowledge, but that still doesn't mean it wasn't powerful.  

    This piece was later created by a group of Jesuit alchemists who used a secret compilation of metal-- a sacred alloy that would allow them to open up the mind.  Since God is the Universe and the Universe exists within him, opening the mind of God will allow you to travel anywhere in the expanse of His creation.  

    This piece holds the presence of the Genesis Key, which is the key to God's mind.  This piece is an antique.  You will see that it has holes that will hold incense.  You will place whatever type of incense you want in this piece.  You will then light the incense and sit close to the incense.  You will breathe in the smoke, which becomes the presence of God.  You will inhale the presence of God and all of his knowledge.  You will breathe in the magic of the Genesis Key.  

    The creature on this piece is an anomalous creation that God dreamed up to guard the secret of the Genesis Key.  Moreover, he is the guardian of the crossroads of reality.  With this piece and with the presence of God this creature will be revealed to you.  His magic will become your own and he will become your guide.  The ring he carries on his back is a portal that will allow you to travel to wherever you want to go in God's created universe.  

    Sure when you are using this piece you will be able to travel to places like Heaven, the Garden of Eden, etc.  However, think outside the box with this one.  This piece will allow you to travel anywhere in known or unknown existence.  If it exists, this piece will open a door that allows you to travel there.  

    During testing, we have been able to travel to places outside of our own solar system with this piece.  including the planet known as Kolob that has been created for the Angels.  However, there is more to this piece than what is known to mankind.  We were able to travel through dimensions, galaxies, and universes while revealing the rest of what God has created and the energy and powers he has stored in them.  We were able to unlock the knowledge of the entire firmament, which revealed not only many places, but also many powers and different forms of magic unknown to man.  

    God's creations are vast and dimensional.  He has created other worlds, other solar systems, other forms of existence, other beings, and other creatures.  His magic, his presence, and his bounds are endless.  There are layers of unknown worlds, unknown entities, and known powers and magic.  He created these things to control and organize the chaos that was at one point in the universe.  

    This piece is extremely revelatory.  The creature that God created to Guard the Genesis Key has a name and it will be revealed to you when you connect to this piece, as it is a piece that has to be injected directly into your mind for you to fully comprehend it.  There aren't English letters to write it, anyhow.  

    If you want a powerful experience that will reveal all of creation, while allowing you to open portals to anywhere you desire to travel, then this is the one!  

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