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The God Sphinx 1

The God Sphinx 1

SKU: 5112113

This pendant is gold wire wrap with banded agate 

We have several of these pieces that we call the God Sphinx.  The Catholic Church has been sitting on these pieces for some time now, simply because they do not want to share the information with the mainstream.  It puts pure power into their hand and they do not want to give up the grip that they have on people who have been conditioned to believe whatever they tell them to.  

If you look at the Sphinx, you will see that it is the secret guardian of the white light story of Christ.  It might have been seen through a different set of eyes or from a different perspective, but it still nonetheless tells the story.  You can even look at the way the Sphinx was constructed.  It is the head of the woman-- Virgo.  The body is a lion-- Leo.  Virgo is synonymous with the Virgin who is obviously the Virgin Mary.  Leo is the Lion.  The lion represents the King or Christ.  

The Sphinx sits on Earth, biding its time.  It watches the constellations, which we have told you forever.  These constellations are the story of Christ's birth and the End of Times.  The Sphinx holds the divine secrets that everyone wants to know about the End Times, the Book of Revelations, and all of the other magic in the Bible.  

Since this piece a duality of entities, you will also gain gifts associated with those beings.  You will gain the hoy visions and dreams of the Virgin Mary.  These will be visions of the End of Ties.  They will also be visions of white light magic, from which you can pull the magic and abilities that you want.  On the other hand, this piece allows you to connect with Christ who will grant the miracles that you ask of Him.
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