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The Granting Nehushtan Djinn

The Granting Nehushtan Djinn

SKU: 32421505

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This piece is a highly sought-after, coveted piece.  It is an antique from 1911 and it has been baffling world leaders, celebrities, royalty, magicians, sorcerers, the social elite, and other dignitaries for the last 110 years.  The engraving comes from a member of the Illuminati who once owned the piece. Don't bother asking me how we got this piece, because we cannot tell you.  What I will tell you is that certain members of certain political parties have been using this piece to get their way.  Honestly, it's not the first time this piece has seen the hands of an American politician.  This piece has made rounds at places like Bohemian Grove and even Area 51.  It has a case file at the Pentagon.  If inanimate, magical items could be considered celebrities, then that is exactly what you would have.  

Now, we will get down to why this piece is so powerful.  This piece holds the actual soul a djinn.  This djinn was first created from the smokeless flame of a burning bush through which God spoke to Moses.  It was a completely unintended side-effect of the flame, but after the fact, Moses simply fused the djinn soul to his staff, which is honestly probably why it was as powerful as it was.  This is a pure white light djinn born of holy fire and the presence of God.  So yeah, we are talking about some powerful stuff here.  

The djinn doesn't really have a name.  Some of the people at the Bohemian Grove called it the giver, but honestly, that seems a bit generic to me.  It's up to you what you call it, but it isn't really important what you call it.  What's important is what the djinn can do for you.  As I've told you this piece is an antique match holder.  The djinn lives inside the match holder.  It has seen many homes since Moses' Staff, called Nehushtan, but this is the most current one.  The djinn has the power to grant you anything you ask for-- in other words, wishes.  All you have to do is put a match in the match holder.  Leave them there for 7 days.  Light the match and while the match is burning you will state your desire.  

Might I suggest that you use good quality matches?  Do not use those crappy ones they give out at gas stations for free.  I mean, they are wonderful for lighting cigarettes, but you must state your intentions while the match is still lit.  Then, you will snuff the match and allow the smoke to send your wish into the universe.  The djinn will receive it.  The djinn will grant it.  The process is simple and the magic is powerful.  

You may also use this piece to light candles that will grant your home certain attributes as long as the candle is lit.  For instance, you can use one of the matches to light a candle for protection.  Simply strike the match and state your desire out loud as you're light the candle.  As long as that candle is burning, the protection will be there.  You can use it for wealth, protection, to ward off evil, even fertility if you need that.  You're only limited in what you ask for by your own imagination and a little bit of practicality.  For instance, you can't say "Kill so and so and then light a candle."  It doesn't work that way.
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