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The Half Moon Society, Walking in the Skin

The Half Moon Society, Walking in the Skin

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The Half Moon Society is what it sounds like.  It is a society of people-- we will call them people, but some of them are not-- that meet on the half moon instead of the whole moon.  The reason why they eet on the half moon is so that way they can move among the shadows.  The whole objective of the Half Moon Society is anonymity.  In fact, it is just about a miracle that I have this piece i the first place, given the fact ot how secretive this group really is.  

If you are anything like me, you want to get into the nitty-grity of this piece.  It is an unusual piece that features a half moon for obvious reasons.  The face on this piece is a tribute to the fact that the Half Moon Society partakes in a ritual that it called the Skinwalking ritual.  this sound like something reminiscent of shapeshifting, but in this case skinwalking means somethig else entirely.  

In fact, skinwalking in this context can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times.  High priests and other top members of society would perform a type of weird blood ritual where they would literally peel the skin off of dead members of society that they desired to become.  The energies and the magic of that person whose skin they were wearing would then be transferred to whomever wore their skin.  I mean that seems a little bit barbaric if you ak me, but whatever, who am I to judge?  

So, let's fast-forward thousands of years and here we have the society of the half-moon.  They have figured out a way to to complete skinwalking without actually having to skinwalk.  It still contains a blood ritual that is peformed for the ancient Egyptian god of the moon, Khonsu.   That's one you've likely not heard before.  

Khonsu is in cahoots with Anubis, who is the god of the underworld.  The blood ritual energies are transformed into a type of necromancy- death magic-- and a union of the two gods allows for a very special circumstance to happen.  You have the necromantic powers of Anubis allowing the spirit that is being called forth to leave the afterlife.  You have the alchemic magic of Khonsu, the lunar god, allowing whomoever is performing the ritual to wear that spirit aroud their own presence.  In essence, the person performing the ritual will temporarily become the person they have called forth.  

This is the modern variety of skinwalking-- wearing the skin (or I guess in this case the soul) of a person who is deceased.  You will become that person for a\ \ temporary amount of time.  However, during that time the said person's soul footprint will become part of you are, meaing their magical abilities, knowledge, energies, and essentially all of who they once were will forever become part of who you are.  The goal of the society is to spirituall resurrect and wear the skin of the most powerful people to have ever existed on Earth that way they can become th most powerful and advanced group on the planet.  They've been working on that goal now for a while and they've been coming increasingly close.  They've called upon and worn the skin of people like Socrates, Pythagoras, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Marive Antoinette, Marie Laveau, Elizabeth Bathory, Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, Zoroaster, even Jesus.  

The pin that we have is an original piece from the Half Moon Society.  It gives you the full abilities of one of the society members.  In other words, you will get to "wear the skins" and become any person that you want to bring forward and call out of death.  You will be able to become that person and then their existence will, in turn, become part of you.  Their magic, their knowlede, eerything.  You will gain it all.  

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