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The Hand of Sabazius

The Hand of Sabazius

SKU: 7262114


This piece holds the immortal existence of the Hand of Sabazius.  There isn’t a ton of information surrounding the ancient cult that carried these hands around with them in ancient times.  Thousands of years ago Greeks and Romans walked around with corpse-like, disembodied, and twisted hands.  Of course, these weren’t real human hands but then were meant to symbolize something called the Hand of Sabazius.  They propped these hands-on wooden posts and occasionally paraded around with their homemade hands in quite a procession.  They were used in secret rituals and customs to honor Sabazius.  The thing is that Sabazius is pretty mysterious himself.  

What is known of Sabazius is that he is synonymous with gods like Zeus and Dionysus.  What historians understand of him, he was a god of fertility and vegetation.  This might have been so, but he was so much more than that.  There is a reason his ancient cult carried around his hand to exalt the ancient god.  In addition to his roles that we previously discussed, Sabaszius carried what was called the Hand of Glory.  This hand of Glory was used to “throw” whatever he deemed necessary at those around him.  The cult of Sabazius understood this and worshipped the god who they knew could control and dispense the fate that they truly wanted.  

Even, so there’s more to the Hand of Sabazius that not even his own cult follower knew.  They paraded around with his hand on wooden sticks and sacrificed animals to him regularly, but he kept a vast majority of his secret hidden.  The fact is that the Hand of Sabazius as it is called, is not just a hand of fate.  I mean, I surely can be.  However, honestly, it is the Hand of All.  There is not anything that the Hand of Sabazius, in time, cannot provide for somebody who holds its power.  

For instance, the Hand of Sabazius can open up the sky and create a portal through which you can travel to any place you want to go in the universe.  The Hand of Sabazius can grant immortality.  With a simple wave of the Hand of salacious, a person’s fate can be up-ended and rearranged in an instant.  The hand can create wealth.  It can summon forth deities and spirits.  It can write magic into existence.  It can show you the future, but it can also create the future.  It can change the past.  It can heal.  It can create alchemic changes.  There’s just so much that this Hand of Sabazius can do that I can’t really think of anything it can’t do at the moment.  

Of course, I’m sure you’ve already assumed that the next thing I will tell you is that this piece holds the powers of the Hand of Sabazius.  To whoever ends up with this piece, you should consider yourself lucky.  Not only is this hand pendant solid sterling silver, but the power it bestows is also s rare and once-in-a-lifetime.  Enjoy it.

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