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The Heart of Hypatia, The Knowledge of All Egypt

The Heart of Hypatia, The Knowledge of All Egypt

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This piece is a Sterling pin

They thought it was gone-- but surprise! It has risen from the ashes. That’s because something this powerful cannot die. They searched for it over and over again until they found something that seemed to be what they were looking for. They destroyed it. They also destroyed all the writings in the Library-- the ones that were left anyway. Still, it took six months for them to burn the books that were supposedly heresy because they didn’t agree with what the Koran said.

In case you don’t follow what I’m talking about, it’s the Library of Alexander. It was destroyed by the Muslim Caliph Omar. He went in search of “a great library containing all the knowledge of the world.” In 640 the Caliph’s army took control of the city of Alexandria. He found the great library he was looking for. Instead of becoming influenced by this knowledge, he ordered the scrolls to be destroyed because they weren’t in sync with what the Koran taught. Personally, I think he’s kind of dumb making war specifically to find a great source of knowledge, finding it, and then being all like, “Yeah,

no this isn’t going to do.” Not my business, though.

What is my business is the fact that within the library was something that could not simply be burned by a flame. IT was called the Heart of Hypatia. Hypatia was the last librarian of the Library of Alexandria. She was well versed in the magic that was contained within. All of the librarians were. They had to be in order to become a librarian. To give them this knowledge they were given a relic. The relic had the memories and knowledge of all the former librarians to served the great library. The relic was named after Hypatia because she was the last one to serve as librarian before the library was destroyed.

The Muslims thought they had found the relic, but they never did. Instead what they found by burning down the library was a curse. Finding the relic would have been the nail in the coffin for them. They would have destroyed all the knowledge of the library altogether. Instead, they found something they thought was the relic, destroyed and walked away. The Caliph, upon death, found himself not in Jannah where he thought he was going. Rather he found himself trapped inside of a mortal body. His curse was to walk the Earth in this new mortal form until he actually found the Heart of Hypatia and destroyed it.

Well, that’s probably not going to happen. Why? Because the Heart of Hypatia has change forms so many times that not even we are sure what the true Heart of Hypatia looks like. Having said that, all of the relic vessels that have held the knowledge that is the Heart of Hypatia also retain said knowledge. In other words, there are a few relics out there that hold the knowledge of the Heart of Hypatia, but they aren’t the actual Heart of Hypatia. It’s like Mario Brothers when you beat Koopa in the first castle, only to find that all you’ve rescued was a mushroom princess.

Having said that, you aren’t Caliph Omar and you don’t have a need for the actual Heart of Hypatia. That’s why we are offering this piece. It once held the knowledge called the heart of Hypatia. It has retained the full and complete knowledge of Hypatia and all of the Alexandrian Librarians that came before her. Effectively, this piece holds the full knowledge of the Library of Alexandria. It holds all the magic of the ancient Egyptians. From the knowledge and magic of the thousands of deities to their knowledge of the stars and space to their knowledge of Orion’s belt.

Another knowledge this piece holds is the knowledge of the Great Pyramids of Giza. It will connect you to the metaphysical capstones of the pyramids and allow you to acquire the knowledge that exists within them. It will give you the magic and the knowledge of the Sphinx. It will allow you to see through the Sphinx’s Eyes. This knowledge is unlimited and all-inclusive That’s why we are not giving an itemized description of everything that this piece will reveal to you. It literally contains all Egyptian knowledge. Not half. Not most. All. You will know more than Aleister, more that Aiwass, more the Pharaohs, more than anyone.

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