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The Horusian Eye

The Horusian Eye

SKU: 4202138


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We have all the bangers tonight.  This is another very powerful piece that we are going to offer at a cheaper price because believe that everyone should have access to basic magic.  This piece is a medallion that was once worn by the high priest of an Egyptian sect of individuals who still practice what they refer to as the magic of the old realm.  They adhere to the original teaching of the Egyptian Illuminated Ones-- the ones that practiced the ancient magic of Horus.  Thus, these people call themselves the Horusians.  

This piece has given a number of Horusian High Priests the ability to stand before the court of Pharaohs who have since transcended and live in Aaru.  They hold the magic of the Eye of Horus, which is subtly depicted on this piece with the entity that has one red eye.  The Court of Pharaohs will see that you wear the Horusian Eye and they will grant you ancient knowledge.  This is the full knowledge of the pyramids and the Sphinx, with the ability to access the magic that exists in the Eye of Horus.  
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