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The House of Many Dimensions

The House of Many Dimensions

SKU: 7262107

We call this piece the House of Many Places.  Shown on this solid sterling pendant is a house that was build by a sorcerer.  The sorcerer wasn’t just a sorcerer, but he was also an immortal walker that has been to many different dimensions and religions of reality.  The sorcerer’s name was Liu.  He was abandoned by is parents in a forest in Northern China in ancient times.  You’d thnk he would be dead being left alone, but instead he was raised by the energies of the forest.  They are ancient powers that are millions of years old.  

Using these powers and the powers that he acquired by becoming an immortal walker, Liu created a interdimensional house.  That is where the powers of this piece have come from.  The interdimensional house is one of unprecedented magic.  It is an interdimensional crossing point that can make any reality come true.  

Before entering the house, all one has to do is imagine where they will end up.  When the door is open and the person walks through, they will be transported to wherever their mind has created for them.  They just open the door and walk through in physical and spiritual form, entering wherever they have created in their mind to go.  In other words, you pick where you want to go and then you walk through the door of the home and there you there.  It’s that simple!

This piece holds the powers of both the house and the door to the house.  When you use this piece you will be able to open the door to any place you want to travel.  Your mind will create the door and you will walk through in both spiritual and physical forms.  You will experience the place you are going in both spiritual and physical form.  I know that doesn’t make very much sense to you right ow, but, when using the piece you will understand what I’m talking about.  

We have use this piece to travel to many realms for the purpose of acquiring the power and abilities of the realms we traveled.  We used this piece to travel to the Garden of Eden, the Pyramids, Atlantis, Pangea, the cave of Pandora’s Box, the Tower of Babylon, and to the ancient star temples of the Inca where we were able to open up stargates that we ever eve knew existed!  This piece is definitely n adventure while still allowing you to be in control.  

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