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The Houska Portal to Hell

The Houska Portal to Hell

SKU: 22521068

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This piece is a Sterling silver, vintage men's ring. 

This piece was created using Nazi magic.  For those of you who have been with us for a while, you will know that the Nazi party practically thrived on magic for their sole reason for existing.  Hitler was so enamored with the paranormal that he order the Wewelsburg Castle to be his epicenter for the study of the occult.  However, did you know that there was another castle that was equally as mysterious as the Wewelsburge castle?  You probably have never heard of the Houska Castle.  It's not like the existence of the castle is some huge secret or something.  Instead, the Nazi party wanted to keep their involvement with the castle to a minimum.  This is because what they managed to find there is the fabled portal to Hell.  

The castle is in North Prague and was built by one Premysl Otaker as a means to close the portal to hell that exists there.  When Hitler found this out, naturally he went after it with all the fervor of a 4-year-old going after a cookie jar.  It's just what he did.  Evidently, experiments of the metaphysical kind were rife in the castle during the days of Nazi occupation.  The Nazi party was even successful in reopening a portion of the portal that leads to the underworld.  This is not to say that this portal leads to some inner-earth or something like that.  Rather, the portal to Hell is a spiritual portal.  It's a portal that the Nazis were able to use not to summon demons but to summon their powers.  

If you do some research you will find out that there are many types of demons.  Yes, they are all dark in nature.  Yes, they all serve Satan.  What you have to remember though is that God is the progenitor of all their magic and abilities.  They do not do anything that God has not allowed them to do.  Look, God has His reasons for things and while you or I might not understand it, he allows these demons, and Satan for that matter, to have their power for the time being.  In fact, for each angel that has been created in Heaven, there is a demon that matches it in Hell.  This is because there needs to be a balance of power until the final showdown at the End of Times.  In the meantime, the powers that the demons ultimately possess are neither dark nor light.  They are dual in nature and the only reason they have become dark powers is that that's how the demons choose to use the power that has been given to them.

During the Second World War, the Nazis ran many tests and experiments at the Houska Castle.  As I have already mentioned, they opened a portal that was once sealed.  They ended up sealing it back up again because they knew what it meant for Earth if it wasn't sealed.  However, they didn't reinstate the seal before they were able to pull through dozens upon dozens of metaphysical powers.  These were all kinds of powers and probably just about any kind of power you could think of from something as simple as love magic to something as serious as the ability to create full alternate dimensions.  Of course pieces were made to correspond to the powers that were found and the Nazis obviously prospered from this magic.  However, what we have is something far more valuable than just a piece that holds one of these Nazi powers.  

Instead, what we have is a sort of pilot light.  It is the ability to open a one-way dimensional portal that will allow you to see into the pits of Hell.  You will be able to call out any dark spirit by name to gain their power.  Let me be clear-- this is NOT a demon summoning piece.  You are not gaining the presence of any demons.  Nor, will this allow you to pull anything through the portal it creates.  Instead, this piece allows you ONLY to pull through the powers that are attributed to specific dark entities.  These powers are not, themselves, innately good or evil.  They are dual n nature and we offer many dual piece.  How you use this piece, which is honestly entirely up to you, determines whether the magic that you call forth with this piece is dark or light.  Then again, that is the case with 90% of magic.  

What I don't want happening is somebody going around saying we are selling demons.  That is clearly NOT the case.  You've heard it from the horse's mouth.  The piece is used the way I described it above.  For the right person, this piece is going elevate the level of magic you have and allow you to become fully versed in thousands of different types of magic.
Age: Vintage
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