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The Illuminatus Ring

The Illuminatus Ring

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If you want power-- and I mean pure, uninterrupted power from across many walks of faith, then this is the piece that you want.  We call this piece the Illuminatus.  This has nothing to do with those terrible people who are the Illuminati.  We call this piece the Illuminatus because it will bestow upon all that entertains its power the ability to become illuminated in a very special, very sacred light.  This light is driving energy of alter-consciousness and if we are being honest, we don’t really know what to call it.  It doesn’t really have a name other than to call it light.  We could call it divine light, but it is more than that.  It is cohesive energy and collected comprehension.  This piece brings next-level enlightenment by weaving the very fabrics of existence together so that everything makes sense.  

I’m not at liberty to say where this piece has come from or how we received it.  All I can do is assure you that this piece is powerful and it has faster-than-average results.  The ring on the outside is made of sterling and a gorgeous crystal.  It will begin working for you right away.  It holds a crystal realm.  This is a realm that, when you own the piece, you will be able to leave your body to travel to.  Your spiritual essence will be able to travel to this crystal realm whenever you want.  

The crystal realm was created by a conglomeration of powers and energies inside that come from the Ascended Masters who sit inside.  When you go inside of this piece, there is what is called the sacred temple of light.  Inside the temple of light, there are more than twenty orbs of light.  These orbs of light do not take any specific form but can take any form that they want to take at any given moment.  Mostly the entities just exist as these orbs of light because it’s the easiest way to transfer the knowledge that they hold.  Knowledge is power.  The knowledge is timeless.  Each of the Ascended Masters that have been summoned into this piece has had their existence duplicated.  I only bring this up because I am bound to have somebody say, “well, If Jesus is in the Crystal Realm, how is he saving the world, huh?”  He has been duplicated into this piece, that’s how.  

I’d love to be able to tell you that this piece has been here and it has been there and it has done great things for this group and has evolved the minds of thousands that believe this way.  Sadly, I cannot.  In fact, this piece has only ever belonged to two different groups-- the one that we got it from and then us.  Effectively, you will only be the third owner of this piece, but we have been testing this piece relentlessly since we got it some time ago, only because we want to get it into somebody’s hands.  For whoever gets this piece their lives are going to change dramatically.  

When using the piece and traveling into the crystal realm, the temple of light, you will be able to infuse the knowledge of each of the ancient life forms that are held within this piece.  Now would be an excellent time to list all of the ancients who have been summoned for their knowledge and their essence.  Each carries with them a different type of magic from divine magic, to Enochian magic, to ancient Oriental magic, to Mayan magic, alchemy, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Voodoo, Vedic magic, etc.  There are 33 of them in the Crystal Realm.  Coincidence?  I think not.  This piece will allow you to become extremely powerful, all-knowing, and in due time, become part of the ascended masters.   



Hermes Trismegistus 


Aleister Crowley/Aiwass



Blessed Virgin Mary

Marie Laveau






El Morya 



Kali -


Quan Yin






St Francis 

St Germain - 

St John of God 

St Therese 

Serapis Bey 




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